Sparkle & Shine On A Budget

The sparkle edit

With summer coming up, it’s the time to sparkle and shine, to enjoy the longer nights and enjoy the warmer weather. Not only it’s time for you to enjoy the weather, but also to do it on a budget, when you can get a fabulous outfit on a budget it makes everything better, so I’m going to go through a variety of different outfits.


So I absolutely adore this dress, I think it is perfect for a variety of different occasions, maybe a party that you have coming up, with the maxi dress you can be comfortable and look fabulous at the same time!


A skirt is absolutely beautiful the sparkle isn’t over the top, it is brilliant to be dressed up or down and it can look perfect for nights out, and plus the advantage is you don’t end up getting way too hot!


Nude colours are everywhere right now, but what I found with this top is the fact that it is very relaxed, natural, has a hint of sparkle and it’s beautiful and something that would be incredibly comfortable for a person to wear.


Now this dress looks so expensive, it is absolutely incredible, this dress is fabulous, the green colour is beautiful, it’s a fabulous length. I am basically in love with this dress. But the best thing about this dress, you don’t have to worry about your dress accidentally drooping at the top, you can be so comfortable and just show off your body to the max.


This is the ultimate dress, it is so classy, it is so beautiful, but not only that it is so elegant that if you have a function to go to, or a wedding then this is the dress for you, the sparkles are just right, they’re perfect for any situation.


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