Detox Smoothie Review*

As most people will know, I had a big update on what is going on with my blog, I am currently working you Superdrug and Magnitone which is so exciting! So this is my first review for Superdrug, it is called a detox smoothie, and honestly it was really nice, it was better than I expected. I have a thing for smoothies and I always have, but I have very rarely had green smoothies, I love my fruit so much, I just feel lost without it.


That is the smoothie, and honestly it was really delicious, it has so much in it, it smells absolutely gorgeous too.


This is mixing the first time round, in  my blender, it’s so yummy, all you really need in is some ice, I used a little vanilla vegan yogurt and some almond milk to thicken it up, and I would drink it just after my workout, and it’s perfect for a good refuel!

The second time I tried it I decided I would try something different and see how it would work with other fruit in it, because sometimes changing it up a little can give you other options, so the second time round I decided that I would add in some raspberries.


this has 2 cups of raspberries in, a splash of vanilla yogurt, a little almond milk and that’s it, the best thing about this is how refreshing it is and how much it fills you up after you’ve drunk it.

Link to buying product here

Rating? ????

The next installment of my Superdrug review will be going live in a few days!


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