Shapewear 101

Shape wear is a girl’s best friend and there is so much variety out there, you just need to know the best places to look and know the types that you’re looking for. Lord knows shape wear has helped me, especially with feeling comfortable in things like a bodycon dress, I would never have worn it without that little bit of confidence that a pair of shape wear gave me.

There is a variety of performance levels that shapewear comes in, for example a medium performance underwear can be helped to smooth lines, whereas a strong performance level can smooth your shape and pull you in too. But please be careful when using shapewear, you need to be comfortable, but you also need to be safe.

It doesn’t just mean that it begins and ends at underwear there are lots of different types of shape wear out there, so let’s start off with a few dresses that have shape wear built in.


This might not look like shape wear, however, this fabulous dress is of a scuba style material which means that it is more fitted and can help to hold the shape a little bit more than a normal dress, but it also gives your body more support.


This type of shape wear focuses more on your stomach, and can try to smooth your shape but not only that, it looks beautiful with the lace. Everyone should wear beautiful underwear and this pair is the perfect shape wear pair. Having a high waist can also really help to smooth your lines under your boobs and downwards.


Now if you’re looking for something that will go to the tops of your legs too, then this is shapewear for you, it comes up to just under your bra line, and goes to around your thighs. It will smooth and sculpt your figure too.


A full slip is incredible and if you’re wearing a dress, it can be even more wonderful to wear too, and then you haven’t got to worry about taking it off your shoulders, you can just pull it up if you need the toilet. What I love about this slip is it has some incredible detailing that just makes it incredibly beautiful.

Tips for getting the right shapewear for you. 

  1. Try to get cotton blend shapewear, because there is nothing worse than wearing  nylon and getting hot and sweaty so when you choose shapewear, look for a breathable fabric. There are also places where you can get lighter shapewear to allow your body to breathe a lot more.
  2. Tights have built in shapewear too! I know that sounds strange, but you can use buy ones that smooth your legs and your bum and you can get them in a variety of different colours, which is also a huge bonus.
  3. Make sure you get the size that is the most comfortable for you, I know that sounds silly, but what you need to realise is you’re going to be wearing these all day if you have a function or a wedding, so you need to be comfortable!
  4. Make sure you check your measurements that way you’re able to look in store what the measurements are and at least give them a chance and try them out.
  5. Speak to the assistants in store, all of them know exactly what they’re doing and they’re good at their job, so by asking them they might be able to give you some extra support and show you other options.


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  1. facebook-profile-picture 06/05/2015 / 6:58 pm

    I have one too, and it’s so comfortable! That’s what I love about it, and it’s so versatile. Remember to take a break darling, don’t revise too much! ??

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