My Mental Health Diary #3

This post is about how difficult it is coping with the memories of flashbacks, this is one of the most difficult things you will have to deal with, when you’re going through anxiety and depression, you can get those flashbacks that were horrible memories for you, mine was the abuse I suffered and what was said to me, the other was remembering what I was like that time a year ago, I would look back and remember what it was like to keep smiling and laughing and being able to walk out the front door on my own without having someone next to me, being able to enjoy the fresh air and just be able to do the normal things that everyone takes for granted. The thing is though, I’m still going through it, which is what is so hard, but I have a few ways of working through it!

  1. Ice cube: I’ve used this technique so many times, so take an ice cube, and hold it tight in one of your hands through the flash back, during that time the cold feelings from the ice will keep you grounded and the sensation give s you something to focus on while you’re reliving your memory. Remember: hold the ice cube fairly tight.
  2. Memory games: During a flash back you tend to need a distraction so what might help you is to think of your favourite song, and sing the lyrics, or put some music on, dance, or say your favourite quote out loud, you can get through this and believe it with all your heart.
  3. Cold water on your face: This one has always been faithful to me, try to use cold water, because it can give you a lot of a shock, the cold water triggers the body to lower the heart rate, and increase blood pressure. It really helps me though. Remember: use the coldest water available and try to use quite a bit!

I know that can be quite scary to start off with, you’re thinking, how is this going to help me, how am I actually going to get these flashbacks to ease, well I promise you, it does take time but remember you’re a fighter, you’re a warrior, you can get through anything, absolutely anything. You’ve got this.


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