Plus Size Clothing Debate

Okay, so I get really annoyed very quickly when comments are made towards plus size ladies, and yesterday’s comments sent me skyrocketing. So if you haven’t actually seen what yesterday’s chat was about on Loose Women (ITV) I will give you a quick overview and links to some of the newspapers.

During the show there was a discussion about overweight teenagers, and Jamelia, commented that people who are obese should feel uncomfortable about their size but she went further on her comment by saying high street stores should not have to cater to growing waistlines.

When I heard this it honestly horrified me that someone would make those comments based on number on a piece of clothing, I would also like to point out there is no set measurements for clothing in the UK so you could be a size 16 in one store and a size 20 in another. So if you were a size 20 in another store would that automatically mean that a person should feel uncomfortable with their size?

Another thing that really made me so angry is if a body builder went into their doctor, they were weighed and told they were obese, would a person automatically think well they’re not unhealthy they work out, but in terms of their weight they could reach obese. And it happens at the other end of the spectrum if someone was a size 8, healthy on the outside, but on the inside had an eating disorder, would someone think that just because they’re a healthy weight they were a healthy person? I speak from previous experience of having an eating disorder, and starving myself, and being told I was healthy and looked fabulous made my eating disorder get worse.

The debate took a strange turn when Jamelia turned round and said she was all about people celebrating the person they are but the high street stores shouldn’t provide clothes that are higher or lower than a size range, also saying you should feel uncomfortable if you’re unhealthy. So if that is the case how would you determine whether or not someone is unhealthy, if someone is above or below that range but is very healthy, works out, eats the right foods, what would you do if they were still above and below the size range.

Jamelia then tweeted saying “Never wate your time trying to explain to people committed to misunderstanding you” are you kidding me? That is vile, we are not committed to misunderstanding you, what we are annoyed about is the fact that you can say oh we want people to celebrate themselves, yet you want people who are above or below a certain size should feel uncomfortable. Double standards much?

One of my favourite bloggers Anoushka Loves made the perfect comment “Ah Jamelia, the advocate for self esteem telling people that if you’re over a certain size you shouldn’t shop on the high street. Idiot.” I literally couldn’t agree with Anoushka more, and I love how honest she was about the comments. I love you Anoushka.

I think Jamelia really need to realise that we are all different, we come in all different shapes, sizes we are all unique, and by making that kind of statement it definitely made me feel that after using 6 dress sizes that no matter how much I lose people will always find something to hit back at. Maybe instead of making those kinds of comments educating people on what  is in their food, and learning to eat more from the earth rather than something that comes out of a packet.


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