Healthy Lifestyle Apps At A Touch Of The App Store

For everyone who has a smartphone will know that it’s quite easy to get apps onto your phone from everything from games, to books, to music, to healthy living apps. That is what I’m going to be focusing on today, healthy living is all around us, from trying top get us to eat more fruit and vegetables, to increasing the amount you move every day, to making sure that we make healthy swaps, there is all positive healthy influences.

So what apps are out there?

  1. Nike Training Club App – This app offers you over 100 workouts which are created for all levels of fitness, so all you need to do is select your fitness goal, it could be to loose weight or tone up, either way there are some workout plans that fit around your daily activities and if you are confused then you get some really good tutorials so you can see how the workout is performed.
  2. Fitnet – This app is wonderful, you can follow workout videos that are crafted by personal trainers, and it will use your smartphone to help to measure how you’re getting on with your workout so for example did you slow down, did you have a break, did you get out of breath quickly, it will give you feedback on what you’re doing and how you can improve your performance.
  3. Pump up – This is one of my biggest motivational tools, you can post your personal records, progress photographs but not only that follow other people who have fitness goals and not only that it can give you so much motivation to reach your goals.
  4. HealthyOut – When you start a healthy eating/diet you say to yourself I am sticking to making sure I cut out junk food, takeaways, everything, but the important thing when beginning a healthy lifestyle would be that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing,it’s about balance.
  5. Jillian Michaels Fitness Motivation – Everyone who is anyone will know who Jillian Michaels is, after her rise in popularity as a trainer on The Biggest Loser, and her app will give you some fabulous exercise videos and different categories to get your body moving and some fabulous results at the same time.
  6. MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter – To get an idea of what your foods are consisting of this app is increasingly important, so you can start logging your intake, and I mean everything so the amount of water, food so you can get an idea of what carbs, fats and protein you’re eating and what your levels should be. You can also add in your workouts to see how you’re getting on, and you can then make sure you’re meeting your daily calorie need.
  7. Evernote – I use this every minute of everyday, and not only that it is easy to quickly be able to remind me of what I need to do, and if it comes to it, you can make sure that all of your friends and family know what your notes are. Think of it this way, has your partner ever come home with shopping, but forgot all of the things that they needed to buy? This app will hopefully be the end of it.
  8. Foodtweeks – This app is a fabulously useful app, it can give you healthy swaps which can change your eating, so for example instead of using mayonnaise you use avocado, or instead of having chips you use sweet potatoes instead. All of these can help to make healthy swaps.
  9. Sworkit – If you are worried that you might not have time for workouts in your life, then this will be the app for you. This app includes a variety of high intensity workouts using your own bodyweight, but there are a variety of workout types that you could do, my favourite is the yoga, but not only that the workout videos are easy to follow!
  10. True Food – True food is a fabulous app which can help you to see whether or not there are any genetically modified organisms in your food, but not only that you can see which shops sell GMO foods.
  11. MINDBODY Connect – If you belong to a gym then this app will help you find what classes are available to you in the nearby area and when you’ve found the right class you can pay for it through the app. All you need to do now is to go to the class.
  12. C25k – I’ve done this and it’s a brilliant app, especially if you are a running beginner, it might sound completely impossible, that’s what I thought when I started, but honestly the way it is set out, the motivation, the continued support, it’s so helpful.
  13. Sleep Bug – If your sleeping pattern is all over the place, you are struggling to fall asleep, this is the perfect app to help you. There is a custom timer if you want to have it on for an hour, and if it helps you to feel more comfortable you can add noises that relax you.
  14. Noom Coach – If you want an effective food diary, it has a huge variety of foods in their database and after tracking your intake they can point you in the direction of swaps for a healthy lifestyle.
  15. MapMyFitness – Tracking your workouts can be so helpful, but it also allows you to set challenges for yourself, but also your family if you are doing it together, and can also track what you’re wearing, so if you are running a lot, then your tracker will when you when it’s time for another investment.
  16. Locavore – This app can help you to find local produce and support your local farmers. Not only that it will help you to save money, because local farmers can be a lot cheaper than huge supermarkets.
  17. RunKeeper GPS – If you want to go out for a jog, you can check your distance, speed, calories or personal achievements, and also tell you when you have reached a personal best and your personal goals.

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