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What are NOM bars? 

NOM bars are basically snacks that don’t contain any refined sugars or horrible nasties. The bars are filled with some incredible superfoods including things like coconut oil, cacao nibs, raspberries, bananas, and coconut palm sugar and they’re GMO free, which is fabulous. These bars are 100% vegan, and there is 17g of organic protein in the original oat protein bar.

What is the taste like? 

It tastes really  nice, like a solid bar of oatmeal with cacao nibs and raspberry in between, and the original ones are still just as delicious, if you don’t like raspberry, then the original ones just have cacao nibs in them, that way you can still get your protein hit, and have that chocolate hit when you’re craving chocolate the most.

My opinion. 

The bars are quite expensive, I spend around £4 on 3 bars, however, if I am completely honest, they are the most nutritious, tasty, worth while bars I’ve found on the market. Not only that though I have quite a few allergies, my stomach doesn’t tend to agree with certain foods, and these bars are easy on the stomach, they fill me up and are perfect if I have a long journey to make, if I’m in a rush in the morning and need something to see me through till lunch, or even if I’m hungry in the evening.

I’ve tried a lot of snack bars on the market that are vegan, and some are okay, some aren’t too bad, others can be absolutely horrible, but if you’re looking at going vegan, you’re worried about your protein intake (my family were worried about that when I first went vegan) then these bars are really good, even if you only get one box every other week, they are okay for freezing too, so if you want to freeze them you’re more than welcome to.

Where can you buy these bars? 

Currently these bars are available at

  • Ocado
  • Planet Organic
  • Evolution Organics
  • Goodness Direct
  • Natures Healthbox

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