Life And Why My Friendships Have Changed Now I’m An Adult

Let’s be honest when we’re at school, seeing our fabulous friends everyday, we always believe that we will all be BFF’s forever, nothing will ever change that. However the sad reality of it is, it does and will change. It’s not a thought anyone really wants, or likes but it is honest. I actually went through my old bedroom and found a load of photos in a photo album of so many friends I had at school, from our last day in year 11, in our uniforms and I thought wow I haven’t spoken to these people in years.

Now we have all changed so much since that time, most of us are married, have children, full time jobs, families and other things going on in our lives and we have all just drifted into our busy lanes that we call life.

Looking at all these photos though they bought back so many memories, memories that I had completely forgotten about until I looked at the photos. Some of these people I don’t even speak to on Facebook, and I know that sounds awful because it doesn’t take a few minutes to send a message, but I think to be honest we are all guilty of that.

Looking at those photos it really made me miss the people in those photos. Now even though I haven’t spoken to them in years, it doesn’t mean I don’t love them anymore. These are some of the people who helped mould me during my teen years, who kept me strong, who kept me going through school and who supported me through some of my most difficult years and it went the same way with them I suppose.

You don’t actually realise how much has changed until you look back at those photos and you recognise the person in them but you also see how much has changed in yourself.

How many people do you actually speak to on your Facebook? Besides the odd Happy Birthday message? Is it more than 5? Or is it less than that? 

I know that when they announce some of their most important news like babies, marriages and everything of course I’ll be over the moon for them because honestly they do deserve all the happiness in the world, but it also reminds me that during these times I should be talking to them more. Not only that, during the bad times, I always see their posts (unless Facebook is being an absolute dofus) and feel for them, and realise I still should have been there for them more.

To the friends that might feel like I’ve left them behind,

I’m sorry, no more no less. I know we have had some amazing times together, and I hope that you will look back on those times where we ate all the ice cream, watched chick flicks, went shopping and talked about the boys we liked with happiness like I do, but never forget that you’re still a very important part of my life and the memories I have. Just because we are all grown up doesn’t change a thing.

If you ever need me, regardless of how much has changed I will always be here no matter what, even though our lives have changed, we might not be as close, I still care for you regardless.

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