6 Things To Build Your Confidence

Confidence is such a big thing for me, mainly because I don’t have a lot of it. I know the way I come across on social media, people think, wow she has so much confidence! I actually don’t, I like to try and show people the way I would want to be to be honest in the hope that one day I will feel that. At one point in my life my confidence was at such a low I didn’t ever want to go anywhere and not only that I wouldn’t even eat in front of my then boyfriend and his family! I’m at this point in my life where I am working on building my self confidence and making sure that I take small steps to being where I want to be in my life. So are you ready to find out what I do to increase my confidence?

Treat yourself – Sometimes some new clothes really help, I know since losing 10 dress sizes clothes have become an absolute nightmare for me, so buying new clothes is such a confidence builder for me!

Workout – I have been looking at workouts that I enjoy, finding a workout I enjoy honestly is one of the best feelings because you want to keep it up and when you’re working hard at something it builds your self confidence and makes you feel so good!

Good people around you – I’m so lucky to have so many fabulous people around me, especially my husband, he gives me so much confidence just with the way that he looks at me everyday with so much love. It’s an incredible feeling and I’m so lucky.

Hot bubble baths – Having a hot bubble bath always helps me, when you get the fab bath bombs going all of the gorgeous colours going on in the bath and it makes me feel so good once I’m out of the bath! All the good vibes!

Stop comparing yourself – I am the worst for this because I look at others and think wow they’re beautiful, why can’t I be like that, but in all honesty I am beautiful, just not in the way the entire world expects me to look.

Matching underwear – I never feel more confident than I do when I’m wearing matching underwear, I mean honestly when you have a matching bra and the matching knickers, oh my gosh it’s the best feeling, I am so happy. I feel ridiculously adorable when I know I’m matching!

What are the things that you do to boost your confidence?

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