Lifesum App Review*

As most people will know I am a bit of a healthy living nut, however just because I love healthy living doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good cupcake, or ice cream, or cookies or all 3, life is about balance. However sometimes it is good to keep up to date with what you’re eating, not for the calories but to be aware of macros and carbs, fats and protein, especially where I exercise a lot I make sure that I am eating enough protein, this new app however is called Lifesum. It is completely different to any app I have ever used to be honest, it isn’t just about weight loss, it focuses on you and what you want out of your life, so whether it is to eat better, to bulk up, lose weight and more this is the app for you! Ready to find out how I got on?


Easy to use?

This app is so easy to use, you can scan a bar code if you want to, or type in what you have, even make your own meals up from what you used, it helps you to track what you’re eating. For example I managed to put in my smoothie that I created and it was so easy, I created it in about 2 minutes!

Will it fit my needs?

If you’re even looking at eating better, healthier options, tracking your food intake this is such a good app for you. I had the premium upgrade which means you can get some amazing recipes to try, I have made some of them and honestly they’re so good, they’re easy to follow and perfect for when you’re trying to eat better and be more conscious of what you’re eating.

Are there any added bonuses of using the app?

You can track your movement at the same time, so for example if you’ve got a Fitbit, Jawbone, Samsung Health watch or something similar you can sync it to your app which takes into account your movement!

Have I noticed a difference?

I’ve definitely noticed a massive difference, I’m being aware of what I’m eating but not limiting myself when it comes to eating things like cupcakes, cookies or things like that!

Would I recommend this app?

I would totally recommend this app, especially if you’re trying to eat better or wanting to try new healthy living recipes! It has made a massive difference to me!

Fancy trying this app out? You can get this app in the App Store and on Google Play, just type in Lifesum!

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*Disclaimer, this was a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

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