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Recently the fabulous Superdrug contacted me to review some of their products again, I of course said yes as long as they’re vegan products! I had looked at trying Berocca for a while, I’ve seen the adverts and when I received my new box I was over the moon when I saw it, I was like, I am so excited to try this!

The Product

What is Berocca

I received the fabulous effervescent tablets, which you just put in water, wait for it to dissolve and then you drink the mixture! It has a high dose of vitamin B & C with other minerals that you will need. It doesn’t contain any sugar, caffeine or artificial stimulants so you can be sure that it contains the right ingredients and do you know the other fabulous bits? It helps your body to convert food to fuel and release energy but also it helps to improve your mental performance. If you’re looking for an easy way to take your vitamins, and you’re not into taking tablets then by taking Berocca it is a much easier way for you to be able to take your vitamins!



I have honestly found that it tastes amazing, in a strange way it tastes like you’re drinking mineral orangeade, it tastes incredible, I have found that where the tablets dissolve, you don’t have to worry about finding the little sprinkles of the tablet that haven’t dissolved, they all dissolve perfectly and you don’t get the grainy consistency. It is incredibly refreshing first thing in the morning, I have it with my breakfast, which is perfect because you have that hit of energy when you need it the most (especially on a Monday morning.)

Does it work?

Honestly, yes it does, I have been taking it everyday for 2 weeks, and it tastes incredible, I feel like I have bags of energy, I have felt more alive, I’ve had more energy before and after I’ve worked out, not only that I have been able to sleep a lot better too! I could definitely feel the difference over just a few days, the amount of energy I had was incredible and I am loving the amount I can get done and the amount of energy I have.

Overall thoughts

I would definitely recommend this fabulous product, I love the way it works, I love how I have more energy, and what I also love the most is the fact that it is so easy to take and it fits right into my daily routine. I think honestly it is one of the most beneficial products I have used, the amount of energy I have can definitely get through my fast paced life.


If you fancy buying this incredible products (which you will because it’s absolutely perfect) click here and it will be one of the most amazing purchases you will ever buy.


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