What Self Care Currently Looks Like To Me

It’s the beginning of the year which means that the festive season is officially over (soz to burst your bubble) and by the time this is posted unfortunately a lot of people will be back to work after a nice new year break. Everything goes back to normal, we stop hearing all the Christmas songs, all the Christmas cards are reduced, and Valentines day cards go up and Easter eggs are stacked high in shops. It’s basically onto the next lots of holidays for most.

Over the festive season though we tend to let go a little bit, sometimes out fitness regime goes completely to crap, our eating habits go a little differently and if you have eaten some more chocolate than normal, indulged in a few things, good for you! Now is the point we are starting to get back on track, currently for me self care looks a little bit differently than it does normally and there is a massive reason for it. Ready to find out more? Well of course you are! Let’s get cracking.

Over the festive season I’ve indulged as we all do, but I have managed to keep myself in check with my workouts and making sure I’m drinking enough water during the day so I’m changing that up now what everyone is going back to work!

Self care means my workouts are going to properly start again, I’m going to be working out 4 times a week with weights, cardio & yoga again because I genuinely miss doing my yoga.

I’m going to be listening to my body more, especially when it comes to what it needs. My body knows best.

I’m going to make sure that if I need to go to the doctors I book an appointment straight away where possible.

I’m going to remember to take time away from my blog where I need to because if I don’t my writing starts to suffer and you guys honestly don’t want that.

I’m going to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables I have during the day because my body needs those nutrients.

Learn to love my body more because it is a beautiful thing that is always busy doing things for me and it never stops.

Focusing on healthy happiness is my kind of self care this year because I deserve the best.

What do you plan to do this year in terms of self care? Leave your response in the comments!

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  1. 03/01/2017 / 6:33 pm

    I love that you included sending yourself to the doctors AND walking away from your blog. Both things I’m bad at. Both important.


  2. 03/04/2017 / 12:57 pm

    Self care is something really important that we often neglect. Good on you for going to the doctors and taking time for yourself. For me self care is also keeping in close contact with my doctor and working to find the medication that works for me and allows me to get on with my life without too many side effects. As well as that, taking care and of my body and appearance really helps me feel confident and happy in myself.

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