TLC Sport Leggings Of Dreams

TLC Sport Tummy Control Leggings

I love workout gear, I mean you can never have too much, there is always so much of a range at least I have found for me, and they’re always super cute. However you can’t beat a classic black legging. Soz. When I work out, I like to make sure my body is completely supported, but I don’t want it ridiculously tight because that defeats the object of my workout gear. I hate feeling my body jiggle about like jelly it makes me feel really uncomfortable even though I am learning to love my body in a variety of different ways!

We all know that when we have an absolutely fab outfit, there is nothing that gives us more of a kick up the backside than to just run to the gym and show ourselves off. TLC* kindly sent me some of their beautiful leggings to road test #theTLCeffect and honestly I have to admit, I’m definitely digging these leggings.

The amazing leggings are literally like the perfect figure hugger, this amazing brand TLC are incredible, they have looked at what us ladies want and need and given it to us. I know that when I workout I literally look like a sweating mess, I mean I’m dripping wet and trust me that probably isn’t any kind of aphrodisiac I’ve ever heard of but it is a fab confidence booster that my workout clothes are making me feel like the bee’s knees and I feel amazing. Think of all that endorphin power.

One of the biggest differences is they mould to you and your body, where I have lost over 10 dress sizes I am forever trying to hold up all of my clothes and there is nothing nice about standing in a room full of people trying to pull your leggings up when you’re trying to work out. Give me some credit okay. These ones though aren’t going anywhere, I mean they didn’t even budge a millimetre it was fabulous, and when you’re working out that is the last thing you want to be worrying about, is my underwear showing while I’m on the bike?

TLC Sport Leggings Of Dreams

One of the things that did scare me slightly about these was how small they were when I received them, I was like, no I’m not even going to get a leg in these and I had an XXL just to be on the safe side because I’m always conscious of my butt. Do you know what though? They’re amazing! They have so much stretch and give in the material you honestly don’t have to worry about not fitting because they will fit you perfectly!

The products are incredible quality, I mean you totally get your money’s worth with these products and not only that they’re ridiculously comfortable, the incredible mesh holds you in perfectly but doesn’t make it uncomfortable, and guess what? If you’re a plus size lady, clothes go up to 4XL & if you’re quite tall then these are actually perfect, I’m 5ft 4 1/2 so these were quite long on me, but they’re perfect for every height!

Love Amie 2016

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*Disclaimer – this was a sponsored post!


    • facebook-profile-picture
      27/09/2016 / 6:54 pm

      Me too! And these ones are incredible, I totally recommend them! <3

  1. 21/09/2016 / 9:19 pm

    I totally agree, nothing beats a classic pair of black tights! I’m addicted to buying sports gear haha It’s the best feeling when you get a pair of tights that fit perfectly. I have some Puma ones that are a dream to wear and I love them so much.
    Steph x. Hello, Steph Blog

    • facebook-profile-picture
      27/09/2016 / 6:55 pm

      It gives you so much confidence when you have incredible fitting sports gear, I would totally recommend TLC sport if you are looking for some more! <3

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