My August Advertisers

August Advertisers

I’m trying to figure out how we are almost in September? I mean honestly it is absolutely crazy how quickly the time has come round! I feel like just yesterday we were looking at how the new year was going to go, what we were going to achieve and sorting our goals out. I’m honestly flabbergasted! This month has been a beautiful month for me, with my birthday (yes I’m 23 now and I’m feeling really really old *sad face) and getting to spend time with my husband, I feel so lucky to have so many incredible people around me and not only that here is a time for you to get to know some more incredible people who I adore, who have been in my sidebar this month!


Kirsty is my an absolute angel, she is one of my favourite people in the world! On Kirsty’s blog you will find a variety of topics that are close to her heart, for example books, (honestly she has amazing taste, I have actually had read some of her recommendations and they’re fantastic) music where she posts playlists, and lifestyle. You will get a chance to get to know an asbolutely incredible lady who can make you feel so much better with just one smile!

Find Kirsty at | Twitter | Instagram


Bex is an absolutely incredible human being, she is so genuine, kind and caring, and not  only that it all translates to not only her blog but her YouTube videos that you will find in her links below! She posts a variety of different posts & videos, however one thing that comes across in everything she does is her passion for make up. Bex has one of the greatest collections ever, and not only that she does some incredible looks. She honestly should be a make up artist she is that good!

Find Bex at | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | BlogLovin

say sally may

Sally is absolute perfection, she is like my guardian angel, she has one of the greatest and most beautiful hearts ever and the way she writes and comes across honestly shows that in her too! She is an absolute sweetheart who does some of the most incredible posts. On her blog you will find something for everyone including fashion, food, beauty & lifestyle! I always feel so at home on her blog it is so welcoming and the way she comes across is pure perfection!

Find Sally at | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram

ginger rainbow

Ginger Rainbow is run by the incredible Amy, if you’re looking at starting up your own business or you’re in the process of doing so, then this is a blog that you should most definitely read. Amy writes about lots of different things including what it is like to run a small business, the struggles that can be faced sometimes but what comes across the most is how much she absolutely adores her business and how much it means to her. Amy is ridiculously talented!

Check out my other amazing advertisers Emma from Emma Lowther & Andrea from Beauty With Andrea.

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Love Amie 2016

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