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sophie bluntSophie is one of the most wonderful people I have met, she is so kind and caring and she is ridiculously supportive within the community! She is an absolute little ray of sunshine and not only that she is one of the people that makes me so happy. I have had the most amazing chance to get to know her over the last month, speak to her more, and find her amazing blog and just get lost in her writing! If you’ve never read Sophie’s blog, then there are a variety of different posts for everyone for example amazing recipes, books and lifestyle posts that you can just enjoy! Read to get to know Sophie more? Let’s go!

What was the reason you started your blog/business?

Oh gosh I remember this ever so clearly. It was New Year’s Eve in 2011 and I had read The Colour Purple that day -which if you haven’t already read it you must. I climbed into bed and my mind was bubbling with a huge number of ideas which meant that getting to sleep would be impossible. It suddenly struck me that I should start a blog writing about the books that I had read. You see I was a little late to the blogging game and did not really understand them let alone follow any and I genuinely thought that I was the first person in the world to ever have come up with this idea. I climbed back out of bed and gave it a Google and found that thousands of people before me had had the same idea! Gutted! I gave them a read and fell in love and new that I wanted to be a part of the community. I stayed up all night creating my first blog! For the first year it was about books and reading. My blog used to be called Blunts Book Blog but as I grew and changed as a person my blog has changed with me. That is really important to me- that my blog represents who I am whilst I am writing posts. It has changed many times and I’m sure there are a huge number of changes to come!

What have you learned through your blogging journey?

I have learnt how important the art of writing is to me. I have always loved to write and this gives me a platform to do it as often, or indeed as little, as I wish. I have been doing it for close to 6 years now and have had very little success. My views and followers are minimal. Others that started their blogs six months ago have had huge success that far outweigh mine…in some ways. They make money through what they write, they have met others, they have huge numbers of people who keep coming back to look at their blog. But for me that is really, really, really not important at all. What is important is that I write from the heart and that I believe in every product, book, film, place and person that I mention and that I put together posts that I have left a little bit of myself in. Would I like to be a full time blogger? Well yes I would! But not for money, fame and the free eye palettes but instead for the time that it would give for me to do my first love- to write.

How would you best describe your blog?

It is a space in which I put together what is occupying my time during that moment. It could be natural beauty products, travel diaries, my flirtation with veganism or exploring the dark corners of Mental Health. I hope that above all, it is honest and represents me at my worst, at my best and somewhere in-between.

Name something quirky that you can do that we might not know about you.

I can do this with my tongue:curvaceousvegan photo

What was one of your favourite posts to write/create?

By far my fav posts are my travel ones. Travel is another of my biggest loves and when you combine this with writing my heart just sings! I post daily whilst exploring new places and my favourite thing to do is sit back and read these old posts that are so full of memories, people and happiness.

My favourite out of all of these is one that I wrote at the beginning of my blogging journey. I wrote it after living in Meheba refugee camp in Zambia for a Summer. In it I share the stories of some of the refugees that I met, what they were (and still are) going through and both the joy and also the terror that is in their lives. It is littered with spelling mistakes, the photos are all different sizes, and is messy, as I was still learning the craft of blogging, but it is also raw, heart destroying and at the same time full of hope and that fills me with pride. Since writing it I have partnered up some of the people that commented and interacted with the post to orphans in the refugee camp who now pay for their schooling, food, clothes etc. It shows the power that a blog can have. Yes we can sit and write about the most coveted lip kit out there but we can also change lives! If I wrote a book (which I am dying to do) it would be similar to this post. Link here!

Why should someone come visit your blog?

If somebody its finding life a little tough too, wants to know how to make doughnut french toast, what book to read next, where to visit when they are driving down the East Coast of America and what cruelty free lip balm then I would invite them to head on over! It could just be the space for you!


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