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Everyone needs time out at some point, always, because if we don’t life has that horrible thing of catching up with us and biting us in the backside. Your health and happiness is so important, so we need to remind ourselves that taking time out is what keeps us ticking over nicely. As someone who struggles to say no to taking on new adventures I am definitely that person who likes to have a full book of things to do, I live by the motto you have to wok hard for your dreams, so that is exactly what I am trying to do! Although over the last few weeks, I have come to realise that if you work hard, you have to give yourself a little bit of a break, just time to rejuvenate. So what are the things that I like to schedule weekly to keep me positive and happy?


Honestly working out helps stop me from losing my mind constantly, I think if I didn’t workout I would literally be lost. It gives me time to focus on myself, if I’m angry, I get a lot of rage and anger out, and not only that once I have finished, I feel like I could conquer the world. Well a world that was drowned in sweat like I normally am but hey ho!

Netflix Time 

Netflix is one of the best things ever invented, I love being able to binge watch TV programmes, I mean once Pretty Little Liars and Orange Is The New Black is back, you honestly won’t get a word from me, I’ll be too busy on Netflix. I’m probably going to need an arrow above my head saying, binge watching in progress, only bother in an emergency.

Time With My Husband

As you probably know, my husband is my world, I bang on about him enough! So making sure that I spend time with him is so important even if it is just cuddling in bed watching a movie, I don’t care. He works so hard and I am so grateful for everything he does, we both worship the ground we walk on.

Family Time

My family are some of the best people ever, and I get to spend a lot of time with my wonderful in laws (including the cats – sorry Mumma Cadwallader) which alwys puts a smile on my face because they’re so funny and hilarious! My mum and step dad are both just so kind and caring, I mean they would do anything for anyone if they asked or if they couldn’t do it, they would find a way to make it work. I don’t get to see my dad and step mum very often because of the distance, however, when I do get to see them it is always very special, my dad has been so supportive with my depression, got me to see an amazing doctor, and just genuinely never gave up on me, just like everyone else in my family so I think it is so important to make time for the people who matter and forget the people who don’t.

Pamper Time

Having a good face mask on doesn’t compare to anything, especially if you’re left with gorgeous soft skin afterwards and you just have a chance to chill out, it’s one of the most perfect things ever! I always recommend a good lush face mask because they smell amazing, my current favourite is Cup O’ Coffee!

Time Away From The Computer/Social Media

Social media can be such a huge part of our lives, especially with technology right at out fingertips, so making sure that you just take a moment to be away from your phone/laptop or tablet can really help, I know it definitely puts everything into perspective for me! Never feel like you have to post on social media all of the time, recently I’ve been worried that I haven’t been posting enough but it’s important to remember that you’re just a person, you can’t do everything all of the time, life happens!

What are your favourite ways to relax? Leave your response in the comments!

Love Amie 2016

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  1. 04/05/2016 / 6:05 am

    What a lovely post… you’re totally right about Netflix being the best invention ever I’d be lost without it. I love nothing more than watching Netflix while I’m having a relaxing bath…

    • facebook-profile-picture
      04/05/2016 / 3:15 pm

      I love Netflix, the ability to binge watch anything and everything is perfect. Everyone needs time to just chill out and have some time to themselves!?

  2. 04/05/2016 / 11:21 am

    These are great ways to relax – although I have to disagree with exercise as, unless it is swimming, I never find it very relaxing! Haha. I like to read, that always helps me relax. I don’t make enough time to relax – I really should! x http://www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

    • facebook-profile-picture
      04/05/2016 / 3:17 pm

      I love reading! I have an amazing book at the moment so I’m getting really into it! See I love my workouts I find that feeling afterwards I just feel so relaxed! Everything works different for different people and it’s important to find what works for you 🙂 ?

  3. 04/05/2016 / 8:53 pm

    These are really good ways to relax, I completely agree, Netflix is one of the best inventions ever. I would also be lost without working out, it helps me so much. Apart from Netflix and working out, I like to take walks and read a book before going to bed. xx


    • facebook-profile-picture
      06/05/2016 / 4:54 pm

      I totally agree, and you can’t beat relaxing in bed with a good book! It’s the best thing in the world!?

  4. 05/05/2016 / 1:31 pm

    This is such a fab post! Sometimes I forget all the things I need to schedule in and then I never end up doing them! I think it’s great that you schedule family time and time for yourself! These are definitely things I need to schedule into my home life.



    • facebook-profile-picture
      06/05/2016 / 4:10 pm

      Thank you so much Ffion it means a lot! It is so important to take time out for yourself, because in all honesty if you don’t you’re liable to burn out and that is the last thing you need! Please do go ahead, remember your health is incredibly important!?

  5. 12/05/2016 / 11:04 pm

    I need to start scheduling stuff like this. Like, actually planning to set some time apart for it. Especially exercise – really failing on that in the past month or so! These are all great things to be doing.

    • facebook-profile-picture
      14/05/2016 / 6:18 pm

      I have found that my bullet journal has really helped with this to be honest, it has helped me to schedule more in my life and make sure I am taking care of myself!?

  6. 25/05/2016 / 1:54 pm

    All of these are so me! I really need to start making more time for them though. I try to multitask with series and blog while I’m watching but sometimes it’s so nice to sit and just focus on what’s happening on the telly and block everything else out. Exercise is definitely something I need to make more time for! I’ve been struggling with uni, but now that I have exams and then a month-long holiday, I definitely want to start running again!

    Kelly // Velvet and Vibranium

    • facebook-profile-picture
      26/05/2016 / 3:12 pm

      I’m the same, but with exams and uni, you need to get that out of the way and then once you’ve done that you can focus on rejuvenating yourself and just having a time to reset your buttons if that makes sense. You can do this!?

  7. Amy
    28/05/2016 / 8:25 am

    Lovely post, especially the part about social media- so important to give your brain a rest and switch off from what’s happening on the Internet – it will all still be there in the morning! I also think if your not worrying about posting , you can just enjoy and be in the moment! ???

    • facebook-profile-picture
      31/05/2016 / 9:39 am

      Exactly, we all work so hard and I think it is important to remember that taking time out from posting is good for yourself and emotionally!?

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