Love Shea Wild Berry Soufflé Review*


I can’t get enough of body butter, I love having lovely moisturised skin which smells incredible, I think it is so important as part of your beauty regime. With winter having just arrived I think it is the perfect time to make sure that your skin is cared for, and with the wind that is currently going around I think it is the right time to bring out those shea soufflé. Today I am going to be looking at the Love Shea company who sent me this gorgeous shea soufflé that has multiple uses! Ready to find out more? Let’s go! 



The scent of this gorgeous shea butter is incredible, I mean honestly I’ve never smelt anything that is so good! The oils that are in there make you feel like you’ve just opened a fresh punned of wild berries and they’ve got that sweet scent to them. I have to admit when I got the first whiff of the shea soufflé it made me feel ridiculously hungry. 


I have to admit the consistency is quite thick, however the fabulous thing about it, is you don’t have to use too much. It’s not one of those things you have to apply lots of to get incredible results, I used it once, only using a little bit and it left my skin feeling healthy, moisturised and comfortable. I also found that it absorbed into my skin really well and it didn’t leave a residue behind like some do, it can make your skin feel a bit greasy when it isn’t. 

Does it last?

This soufflé was brilliant on my skin, my skin felt moisutrised all day long, it didn’t feel like there was a film that was over my skin (what I mean by that is it wasn’t sticking to my clothes) & it was left feeling soft. If you’re looking for a moisturiser that is light on your skin then this is the perfect one for you! 

Worth the money?

A pot of the shea soufflé starts at £5 and honestly I believe it is worth it, the way that it left my skin feeling was absolutely beautiful, it was healthy, and I personally don’t think it has ever felt better. Not only is it good for your skin, it is vegan friendly which means that no animals have gone into making your beautiful product! 

Overall thoughts

This product will honestly go a long way, not only is it good on skin as an intensive moisturiser (perfect for dry skin) but it is also good on the ends of your hair. I have  tried it and honestly it was brilliant, if you do struggle with split ends then this will reduce the likelihood of you getting them! 




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This review has been organised by the VEGAN lifestyle ASSOCIATION []. It has not been paid for and the products were sent free of charge. This is my genuine and unbiased review of the product.  LoveShea Skincare is listed with the VLA and offers Associates a 15% discount and you can take advantage of this here. []

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