A Christmas Bucket List


There is so much that I want to do this festive season, and I will be going through some of the things I am yet to do as well as things I’ve already done. I have a massive bucket list of things that I want to do before I die, I’ve already done 1 and that was to get married to Paul, however, when it comes to Christmas there are so many festive things I want to do! 

1.  Go to a Christmas market Checked box symbol – I actually already went to one with my mum, step dad and husband which was absolutely amazing, there was so much mulled wine, vegan food to eat, and Christmas cheer in the air. 

2. Go Ice Skating – I adore ice skating even though I spend my entire life on my bum but that isn’t such a bad things, it’s bloody good fun! I also love feeling really graceful when I’m on the ice, even though I’m pretty sure I look ridiculous attempting not to fall over haha!

3. Attend a Christmas light switch on Checked box symbol – I have already done this and it was absolutely beautiful! Watching all the lights on the tree go on, listening to Christmas songs and just get in the mood for Christmas time. 

4. Bake Christmas Muffins Checked box symbol – I baked some incredible vegan cherry, cranberries, lingonberries & jumbo raisins, they tasted absolutely delicious! There was a lot of fruit in them, and I mean a hell of a lot, but they were incredibly healthy!

5. Sing Christmas Carols – Do you remember at school, it would get to Christmas and in assemblies you would end up singing Christmas songs, personally it was the best! I haven’t done them yet, I hope to though!

6. Watch Christmas Movies – Paul and I haven’t actually started yet, but I am sure that by the time we get to Monday we will have watched at least one of our favourite Christmas movies, if not more. 

7. Drink hot chocolate & wear Christmas socks Checked box symbol – I’ve done this, and it was the best! I’ve gone gingerbread men socks, and some snowmen and they’re the cutest socks ever! 

8. Build a snowman – This one probably won’t happen because there is no hope for it actually to snow in London by the time Christmas comes around, but I want to at least attempt to build a snowman before the Spring. 

9. Send Christmas cards Checked box symbol – This year I’ve sent so many of my bloggers friends Christmas cards, I know I have probably forgotten a lot of people, and it’s not intentionally I have the worst memory in the entire world. 

10. Help another person  Checked box symbol – The other day I went shopping with my Mum and Lakeside and this lady was struggling with her child,  she couldn’t sit him in the chair without the buggy going everywhere, and I held it while she sorted the buggy out. It doesn’t take much people!

11. Cover the house in fairy lights  Checked box symbol – There are so many lights around home at the moment, the Christmas trees, the lights outside, in the porch, there are lights everywhere! Christmas time!

12. Create a Christmas playlist Checked box symbol –  I have a wonderful Christmas CD and it has some of my absolute favourite songs on there, but it also has to have some of the old songs, Bing Crosby is one of my faves! 

13. Kiss under the mistletoe  – It has been a tradition in my family that we have mistletoe in the house, and when we can get it, Paul and I will kiss underneath it, it is one of my favourite parts of Christmas. 

14. Write a list of the reasons you’re grateful  Checked box symbol – I actually wrote a post about what I am grateful for here, it makes me realise how lucky I am have an incredible family, friends and loved ones! 


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