Christmas Vegan Gift Guide For Men


As most people know when it comes to buying for guys it can be difficult, not to mention how easy it would be to pick up a pair of socks and be done with it, I know when it came to my husband this year it was difficult, I kid you not, the guy has everything (oh and a fantastic wife) so I’ve had to guess what to get him this year. (Paul if you are reading this I’m not saying what I’ve got you, you have to wait till Christmas day.) So I decided to save you those agonising hours trying to figure out what to get your husband I’d put together some wonderful tips for what to get for guys in your life and I’ll try and include some novelty gifts too. 


Mr Grumpy Travel Mug

Have you got a guy in your life who is obsessed with tea and coffee and needs to take some to work with him every morning? Then this is one of the gifts for you! I have a travel mug with me all the time, it is so needed especially in the chilly mornings and you’re on the move, and this one is absolutely adorable. 



There is nothing worse than while you’re on your way home, your battery is on 10% and you have about 30 minutes left of your journey home and you’re waiting for an important phone call. This is your saving grace, not only is it a practical present but you know the best thing? The man in your life can’t use that perfect excuse of my phone died because you’ve bought him something that they can use to combat that problem. 


Darth Vader Light

Got a Star Wars lover in your family? Then this is the perfect gift idea for them, I saw this and was like oh my gosh this is so cool. I love Star Wars, and my husband if he could, would probably start a religion especially when it comes to Star wars, and with the new game coming out, it is literally like Star Wars heaven! 


Cork Ipad Case – Eco Friendly Genuine Cork Tablet Case

Tech fanatic in your family? They keep leaving their tablet around, then this is the gift for them, it is eco friendly which is brilliant, but with it being cork it will protect it really well too, not only that the good thing is about cork is it doesn’t absorb dust so happy days for cleaning! 


Personalised Best Dad Notes

I think this is an absolutely beautiful idea, I don’t get to see my dad as much as I would love, and I don’t get to spend as much time with my step dad, grandad or father in law (as annoying as Les might be) so I think this is such a beautiful idea for Christmas as little reminders that they are loved and that you appreciate everything they have done for you. 


Personalized Wallet, Mans Wallet, Custom Engraved Vegan Leather Wallet

Wallets can sometimes be the easy go to gift when it comes to Christmas, but they are such a good present to give, I gave my dad one when I was about 4 and again when I was about 15 and he has kept them all, he won’t throw them away for some reason, but he says it is one of the best presents a good wallet! I loved this one, yes it is vegan, but not only that you can have it personalised and for £18 you are making an incredibly made product that will last! 


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