Baker Days Review*

Everyone Loves Cake

I have loved looking at the amazing cakes that Baker Days create, I mean they’re beautiful, and you can see the love that they put into them, however, I will be reviewing their incredible service & experience that I received from Baker Days as they were incredible kind when it came to me being vegan.

The Product


This is the beautiful cake that I received, isn’t it beautiful? It is my husband’s birthday in a few days so this came at the perfect time to celebrate and he was absolutely over the moon when he opened the beautiful tin up!


Customer Service

The wonderful people at Baker Days were so supportive, they spoke to me about a variety of different designs, flavours to go inside and what was available, and when I said I was vegan they understood and suggested it for a family member and that I could still review. What I loved the most is how quickly they came back to me with ideas, they were all open and honest about things and not only that they made you feel so relaxed and made the whole process enjoyable.

The Baker Days Experience

I have never been more relaxed about a cake, because we all know that panic around a birthday cake, wondering if you are going to be able to get it done in time, if it will come out okay, or if it will taste right, and that is natural, but the whole experience was so relaxing,  if you had a query or a question they would get back to you as soon as possible, they understood.

Overall Thoughts

Baker Days are an incredible company, they have high quality products (my husband adored the cake and he loved it so I take his word for it!) they have an incredible team who make it such a pleasurable experience. If you have an event or birthday coming up, I would recommend them to anyone because it is one part of your planning that will be fuss free.



To find out more about Baker Days and what they can offer you click here and see all of the incredible cakes they can create and be delivered right to your door.


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      13/09/2015 / 11:57 am

      They really are, unfortunately I couldn’t review their cake, but they are an incredibly supportive company, I would 100% recommend them! <3

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