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1st love

When I first transitioned to vegan I fell in love with the Great Food Company, I know that might sound silly, but I absolutely adored everything that they had, I’d buy it all of the time, and when I saw that they were at the Just V Show, I of course had to stop buy and make a purchase, I mean it was the law.

about the company

The Great Food Company are 100% vegan & gluten free, they offer a wide variety of products from falafel (I am addicted) to veg cakes, to dips, to koftas, these are all incredible products that will fit right into your diet for fabulous food that is healthy and tastes absolutely fabulous. Do you know the best bit? When you’re trying to eat healthy, sometimes you don’t feel full, but with these fabulous foods, I’ve found that I feel full all of the time, I can last until it is dinner time!

the product


These little falafel balls of heaven are the Tuscan Vegetable Bites, they are absolutely delicious, I had never had these until the Just V Show, I had had my ultimate favourite Spinach and Pine nut bites, which are perfect for if you’re going on a long journey they are easy to eat and have a fabulous houmous to match it too.



Take one bite and you will have about 15, they are so delicious, you take a bite into them and they are soft, even if you have them cold (I have them cold in the summer because it is so refreshing and warm them up in the winter) the flavours are so delicate yet they really do pack a punch in flavour too!

In terms of the flavour as I said above it is really strong in such a fabulous way, they are not too much so your mouth feels like it’s on fire with so much flavour (but that isn’t always a bad thing) but Great Food have really looked into the best ways of balancing their flavours in a way that you appreciate and enjoy it.


They aren’t over the top, sometimes falafel can be quite dense and heavy, but the fabulous thing about these is the fact that they are light yet filling at the same time, meaning that they would be perfect for any meal!

I have also found with the falafel the texture is amazing, if you’re transitioning to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle,cutting meat out can be quite difficult because you are trying to find things that you can have instead and with these they have an amazing texture and when I first tried them, I was like wow, these don’t make me miss or want to have meat anymore!

room for improvement

Honestly? They’re perfect the way they are, I’d love to see more of this range everywhere though, I think it is something that will be incredibly popular with lots of people and they are suitable for people who are gluten free, Halal, Kosher, vegetarians and vegans.


Honestly this will be the best money you spend making an investment in these products because they taste amazing and will be perfect for  you. And if you don’t fancy the Tuscan Vegetable falafel, there are other delicious options online, so there literally is something for everyone!

to buy these fabulous products head on over the great food website HERE and find a stockist near you today!


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