Indigo Nutrition Supergreens Review*

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Adding things to my smoothies and my breakfasts is something that is incredibly important to my diet. I think different powders can offer different things, and I love how it allows me to not get bored of certain smoothie tastes. Not only that it is an easy way to boost a variety of different things because honestly there are so many benefits from certain powders.

Never tried powders? Then here is a chance to get to know more, but also to see what I thought of this amazing powder.



I am not a fan of green smoothies because I find that they’re just not for me, however, I do love the fact that I can add this powder too it! This supergreen powder is absolutely incredible, it tastes amazing, I add it to fruit, usually raspberries and banana. This allows you to get so many nutrients just by adding this powder to your smoothie. I use a couple of teaspoons because that gives the perfect balance for me.

Easy To Use

This is powder is so easy to us, I mean honestly it doesn’t get much easier than this. You will need a teaspoon, add a couple of teaspoons to your smoothie and you’re done!

Best Time To Use

I personally try to use it in the morning because I feel like it wakes me up a bit more and I feel much better after using it in the morning, or at least before after a workout.

Value For Money

I have 100g packet, and it is £6.99 and you get so many uses out of it. You get so much for your money and it allows you to do so many smoothies! I have used it so many times I still have a lot left.

Overall Thoughts

I absolutely adored using this powder, it adds something delicious to a smoothie but also it’s fabulous to add to a variety of other things like oats, baking, anything! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who might be looking to try something new or to spice up their breakfasts!

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