School Years = Best Years

It’s That Time Of Year

It’s September and that can only mean one thing, it is time for school children and university goers to go back to the classroom for another term with new school bags, stationary and seeing their friends 5 days a week without asking to go out, why were we so excited to grow up again?

Looking Back

When I look back at my school years, I am starting to wonder why I ever wanted to leave so quickly, school overall was a lot of fun, besides the bullies or PE (I hated P.E unless I was with my best friend and we were crying with laughter) they’re some of the greatest days ever, and the most hilarious things we ever did.

Some Of My Favourite Memories

It is going to sound so corny but honestly when you’re at school you can sometimes feel like your days are dictated to you, your lesson times, where you are, everything and you end up feeling like you’re in a goldfish bowl, but if you think about it, some of our best memories are when you’re in the classroom or hanging out with your friends during your break and lunch.

The First Days

The first day is not only super exciting but also terrifying if you have never been to that school before or you’re worried about your classes but the one thing I used to say to myself and that we are all in the same boat, we are all bloody terrified, and once I got that into my head, I actually realised that I had nothing to worry about and people actually open up a little bit more. We get so anxious at that moment, it’s like being a small fish in the ocean, so many people to be around, so many people you’ve never seen in your life and so many people that make you feel about 2mm tall.

The Making Friends Movement

Making friends can be so difficult, I remember my first day and I had like 5 people going from my primary school to my secondary school and I was one of the first people to arrive there, and the second person that turned up, I started talking to, and honestly it was the best decision I made, I have some of my closest friends from talking to one person who I still care about till this day. I’m not saying it is easy, I’m saying that it can one of the greatest decisions you will make, putting yourself out there is the first step to everything!

Our Love/Hate Relationship With Uniform

Uniforms used to be the bane of our lives, we used to find any way to flout the uniform rules, whether it was having our shirts untucked, our ties not done properly, our skirts too short, we would always find a way to make sure that we didn’t conform to the rules. I have to admit though I miss school uniform, the fact that we wouldn’t have to think about what we needed to wear that day, what people would be thinking about what you’re wearing, or what would be appropriate for school and making sure that our friends weren’t wearing the same outfit. I cannot believe how coordinated I was when I was in school.

What Were Some Of Our Favourite Things About School?

Did you know that half of us actually miss school according to a recent survey by Sainsburys? Does that surprise you? Or do you think that it is something quite normal for us?

My Top Favourite Memories

There are so many however there are definitely some things that stand out for me and that are things that people have gone through too so here comes the list:

  1. New Stationary – honestly this is one of the things that I miss the most because you would end up going round all of the stores and find the cutest stationary and taking it all out of the packaging and making sure that I would have it all in my bag ready for school.
  2. That Moment When TV Comes Into The Class – it’s that dream come true, you see the TV in the class and you’re like finally it’s a chill out lesson and you will be able to text with your phone underneath the table and you might end up giggling throughout the class.
  3. Non School Uniform Day – there is literally nothing better than a non uniform day, not having to worry about if your tie is sorted or if your shirt is untucked or if your skirt is too short, that way you can wear what you want and enjoy the day.
  4. Making Daisy Chains – I remember in primary school when the weather was amazing being able to go on the field and pick all the daisies and give my friends daisy chains. One of the amazing things about summer at school.
  5. Cats Cradle – something I genuinely missed about school was this, I remember sitting on the grass with the string and making your shapes, it was so annoying when you got it wrong or the euphoria when you get it right is absolutely amazing.
  6. Music Lessons – I loved music lessons, I play the clarinet & the piano and during my music lessons I had a wonderful teacher and I remember him taking me out of the class to go into a music room with just me and piano, it was so relaxing but it bought out my creative side.
  7. The Friendships That Last A Lifetime – I have honestly met so many incredible friends over the years, however, I have found that I can definitely count my friends that will be for a lifetime on one hand. There will always be people you can rely on, the people that you could call at 2am and know that they will be there for you and do everything that they can to make sure that you’re okay.

Why Is School So Important?

School is where you develop as a person, you figure out things that you don’t like, you mix in with different people and develop ideas of what you do and don’t like, you genuinely just grow as a person. School is such an important journey for both the child and the parents because it is journey that you go through together as a family, new journeys, new paths, new trials & new adventures.

What was your favourite school memories? Leave your favourite memories below.


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