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As most people will know, I have talked about transgender, and the importance of understanding transgender, how difficult it can be for that person to come out, how to adjust your life, and support networks that are out there. The fabulous thing is the fact that more people are talking about it, and celebrities are challenging those stereotypes that are out there. Read more about the transgender debate on here.

Caitlyn jenner


This fabulous photo has become the most talked about photo this year,the unveiling of the fabulous lady that is Caitlyn Jenner. Caitlyn has talked very openly about her transformation towards becoming a woman and the transformation she has undergone during this time.

Talking to Vanity Fair she compared her fabulous photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz with winning the gold medal at the 1976 Olympics. She also continued to say “It’s not about the fanfare, it’s not about people cheering in the stadium but Caitlyn has waited for so long to have this unveiling to show the world her true self this is her moment to shout from the rooftops, this is me, and I am fabulous!

A heartbreaking moment

Currently on there is a petition which is going around around which is praising the fact that she has gone through these changes however, the people behind the petition have said that they should take away Caitlyn’s Olympic medals because she is in fact a woman participating in a men’s event.

Why would people actually go through all of this, do they not understand how difficult it must have been for Caitlyn to live inside the wrong body for as long as she has? And for 65 years? Take a moment to think about that for just a moment, and you are trying to take away a part of her past, something that she worked so hard to achieve and this is the way you would treat someone?

Support For caitlyn

After her fabulous unveiling on the cover of Vanity Fair, celebrities were tweeting standing shoulder to shoulder to appreciate what an incredible person she is and getting people to realise the struggle she has been through to get to this point.






Reading all the tributes that were tweeted in support for Caitlyn was completely overwhelming for me, it’s absolutely incredible that there are people out there who are through some of your most difficult times, because coming out might have been frightening, especially when you’re part of one of the biggest families in the world, and to know that people aren’t going to tell you to be something you’re not literally makes my heart smile.

The ESPY Awards announced that Caitlyn will receive the Arthur Ashe Courage Award for her bravery for coming out as a fabulous transgender woman.

This is an important moment for the transgender community, she has paved the way for other people to come out and to show that there is so much support for people who are going through similar situations.


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