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This fabulous chocolate is something very new, it tastes absolutely amazing, I have sometimes struggled with the taste and the difference between non vegan chocolate and vegan chocolate, I am getting used to it, but this one, you’d never know the difference, it is light, creamy, and delicious, the kind of chocolate that is dangerous like you have a square, and then you want more, and then you want more.

a little info about the product

Lots Of This, None Of That is a fabulous dairy free ‘milky’ chocolate bar, and what Plamil Foods have done with this product is reduced the amount of sugar that is in the product, but also made it so it is gluten and nut free. Another fabulous thing about the chocolate is that is is 30g and the amount of sugar that is in this product is still less than 20g of a similar product.

I have had the other ranges before and I have found that there is so much variety which is another reason why I love their chocolate. Lots Of This None Of That is very similar to the other ranges, there are 8 fabulous chunks of heaven which mean they’re perfect for snaking, or even sharing a little with smaller hands i.e your children, not much but a little and you won’t have to worry too much about there being lots and lots of sugar in them.

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