Haircare is something that I absolutely adore, I am always on the lookout for different ways to look after my hair and make sure it gets the best care ever. Today I am going to be talking about the new release from Noughty which is their 1 Hit Wonder product. I have always loved Noughty ever since I started using them, they are an amazing vegan and cruelty free brand that has changed my hair for the better. Now onto this product, the 1 Hit Wonder is all about Co-Washing which I had never done until this point, so let’s find out how I got on!

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I’m all about that snack life, I mean life without snacks, just doesn’t seem like the life for me. So finding snacks that I can take on the go, especially if I am travelling or just going out and about is so important. However when it comes to my snacks, I want to make sure that it is something that I can really enjoy, introducing Pretzel Bites from Indie Bay Snacks! I’ve only in the last few years really started liking pretzels, so when I was offered to try these snacks, I was definitely excited!

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Subscription boxes are popular everywhere, I know so many of my friends that get a subscription box, and to be honest I’ve always wanted to try one but never really known where to go until now. Introducing the incredible Pip Box! Now there are 2 options with the Pip Box, you can either have just a cruelty free box or you can have a cruelty free and vegan box, I have the cruelty free and vegan friendly box! So are you ready to find  out more about the gorgeous products that are inside? Let’s go!

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Halloween Goodies

Everyone loves a few sweet treats when it comes to Halloween, seeing your children’s faces light up to go trick or treating, well this can be a fun way to get your kids in the mood for Halloween and not only that is a  recipe that they can get involved with too! I’m not going to lie, this recipe is a lot of fun, really quick and they come out super sweet which is everyone’s dream come true for Halloween!


How delicious do these look? They’re a dream come true when it comes to Halloween!

PrepCooking/Chilling TimeReady10 Mins1 Hour1hr 10 mins
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Halloween Sweet Treats

With Halloween coming up I was thinking it would be a wonderful idea to create some delicious and tasty vegan alternatives to what is in the stores. There is so much variety out there, but sometimes you like a little more control over what you’re eating, and if you’re having a Halloween party then these recipes will be perfect!

A Chocolate Extravaganza

chocolate bark

This is how my delicious vegan chocolate bark came out, want to know I made this thing of absolute beauty? Well, of course you do, so shall we get started?


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Raw Chocoholic

I have absolutely adored the Raw Chocolate Company for so so long, they literally have some of the most incredible chocolate around, and I have created some incredible recipes specially for The Raw Chocolate Company! The recipe that I’ve decided to share with you today is my fabulous Vegan Chocolate Orange Muffins! They might not look very chocolaty, however, the lighting definitely doesn’t do them justice, but I promise you they’re delicious!

People who love a bit of citrus with their sweet, then these are perfect and the recipe is just in time for Halloween, what you can do is add more chocolate with some orange decorations and Halloween treats are ready and waiting for you.

The Muffins

Honestly these are absolutely delicious, they’re a little bit naughty but they’re way too nice to turn down, I mean look at them, they’re beautiful.
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1st love

When I first transitioned to vegan I fell in love with the Great Food Company, I know that might sound silly, but I absolutely adored everything that they had, I’d buy it all of the time, and when I saw that they were at the Just V Show, I of course had to stop buy and make a purchase, I mean it was the law.

about the company

The Great Food Company are 100% vegan & gluten free, they offer a wide variety of products from falafel (I am addicted) to veg cakes, to dips, to koftas, these are all incredible products that will fit right into your diet for fabulous food that is healthy and tastes absolutely fabulous. Do you know the best bit? When you’re trying to eat healthy, sometimes you don’t feel full, but with these fabulous foods, I’ve found that I feel full all of the time, I can last until it is dinner time!

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