When we were younger we couldn’t wait to grow up, but when we have finally grown up, we are waiting for the day when we can be kids again. So I decided that what would be a good idea is to go through lots of tips to help you with that growing up phase, and helping to ease over those worries that can come with growing up.

Moving Out

Moving out can be stressful at the best of times, so it is important to make sure that you are clear on all of the details that you have before moving out. What you need to remember is living with your parents can be different to living on your own, I know that might sounds easily said than done, but you don’t realise how much your mum and dad have to pay for when you’re living under their roof.

If you want to move out, then the first thing you need to start off with is looking at how much you earn each month, or even each week might be the best option. The reason I say this is because you need to make sure that you can actually afford it, write down everything you earn and anyone who is going to be moving out with you.

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This is something that I struggle with day in and day out, simply because I have combination skin, so I thought what would be a really good idea is to go through a variety of tips to help with your skin to clear your skin and feel fabulous!

  1. Remember your suntan lotion – I know what you’re going to say, yes I will do it, you take it with you on holiday, yet you end up forgetting to put it on. However at least 90% of wrinkles come from exposure to the sun without any sunscreen on, this is why it is so important to protect your skin. Please don’t forget that you’re still going to need to wear your sunscreen during the winter months, just because you’re not sitting out in the sunshine during the day doesn’t mean that the skin is safe, the sun rays during the winter months are just as strong. When you’re looking for the right sunscreen check to make sure that it covers everything like UVA and UVB  rays. If you’re unsure, speak to your pharmacist about finding the right sun screen for you.
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All of us girls know how important it is to find the right bra, you know what happens, you walk in the store, you find these fabulous bras, you think this one should fit, take it home to find that it doesn’t fit, it’s either too tight, too big, not offering the right support, and it can just be annoying right? Well that stops officially, now.

How to start your search for the right bra? 

Firstly you need to look at your outfits, what sort of bra do you need, what works the best, what colours work better. Think of it this way, if you’re putting a swimming pool in your garden, you don’t start sorting the water out before you’ve built it do you? Precisely.

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This post is about how difficult it is coping with the memories of flashbacks, this is one of the most difficult things you will have to deal with, when you’re going through anxiety and depression, you can get those flashbacks that were horrible memories for you, mine was the abuse I suffered and what was said to me, the other was remembering what I was like that time a year ago, I would look back and remember what it was like to keep smiling and laughing and being able to walk out the front door on my own without having someone next to me, being able to enjoy the fresh air and just be able to do the normal things that everyone takes for granted. The thing is though, I’m still going through it, which is what is so hard, but I have a few ways of working through it!

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