Happy Birthday To Me

As most people will know, on the 25th was my 22nd birthday (god I feel so old right now) and I had an amazing weekend before my birthday seeing my beautiful grandparents, spending time with my in laws on the Sunday, and then going away to Brighton for the night with my husband Paul, my mum and my wonderful Stepdad, so I’m going to slowly start with the weekend.

The Invasion At Nan & Grandad Haywards

Every year like clockwork I invade the grandparents by going and spending some time with them, honestly I wish I saw them more, but because of where they live, unfortunately it isn’t physically possible. My Nan and Grandad are literally my heroes, I adore them so much, and collectively they have been through so much too, with my Grandad having a brain tumour, then a triple heart bypass and my Nan having had a perforated womb and still stayed married for over 60 years, honestly they deserve a big round of applause for that.


This is Grandad Hayward, he does smile and he has a wonderful smile, he was doing his best and pose face which always makes me chuckle when I see it, but he has been one of the greatest men you will meet, he gives the best cuddles and he also makes the best tea!


This is Nan Hayward, she has a heart of pure gold, there is nothing that is too much for her, I remember when I was kid, we went to Deal, we had food on the beach and then she took me into the arcades, she had a handbag filled with toys, and it got to about 4pm and she knew we needed to get home, but she gave me money for some sweets because she knew I wanted to stay!

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