The talk of legal highs have been swirling for a while now, without us having a real understanding of what these legal highs consist of, but also the effects that they can have on our bodies. High profile people like Jeremy Kyle have been trying to make people see what harm these legal highs are causing but to try find out why people want to take them in the first place. Just because they are not covered by the misuse of drugs laws doesn’t mean that they are safe, or does it?

what are legal highs?

These substances which come under the umbrella of legal highs are used like illegal drugs, but the difference is with legal highs is the fact that they’re not covered by the misuse of drugs laws, so the ridiculous thing about this means that it’s legal to carry and use their substances.

It is important to state that these new substances aren’t controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act, and there is a lack of research into what the effects are on a person, how strong these substances are, or the effects that it can have on the body when mixed with alcohol or other substances (including things like aspirin or a paracetamol.)

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