Red and Black Quinoa Bean Salad

So I am always on the lookout for amazing new foods to try and eat, but not only that, I like to keep it fabulous and healthy! I think sometimes people think that when it comes to healthy food it just has to be a boring salad, no dressings, or anything like that and it just is so bland, well I am challenging that with an amazing and colourful salad that is full of flavour, filling and absolutely perfect for summer. This meal is so healthy, is full of delicious veggies, and not only that it’s officially one of my favourite meals ever. The mixture of both of the quinoa’s it honestly makes the meal perfect, the red quinoa gives it a very nutty flavour and the black quinoa is very sweet and it gives you the best of both worlds. So are you ready to find out how to make this delicious meal?

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