Jeans can be a pain to find, I know for me I have a huge difficulty trying to find jeans, I have wide hips, a big bum and my legs have got a lot smaller than they were, and finding jeans can be difficult, however, I decided I would go through different types of jeans and finding something that everyone can wear and absolutely love.

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Now if you’re not too confident with the whole 70s vibe and flares from the catwalk, these are a really subtle and comfortable alternative for you. Remember you can rock any outfit you want because you’re going to look absolutely fabulous. These are in a darker denim which is fabulous, you always need a darker pair of jeans just in case! Link to jeans here.

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All of us girls know how important it is to find the right bra, you know what happens, you walk in the store, you find these fabulous bras, you think this one should fit, take it home to find that it doesn’t fit, it’s either too tight, too big, not offering the right support, and it can just be annoying right? Well that stops officially, now.

How to start your search for the right bra? 

Firstly you need to look at your outfits, what sort of bra do you need, what works the best, what colours work better. Think of it this way, if you’re putting a swimming pool in your garden, you don’t start sorting the water out before you’ve built it do you? Precisely.

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