On Monday (29th June) I finally went to my first bloggers event, to say that I was nervous was an understatement, but I knew I would be in fabulous company with Helen and Ree from lovethirty, Aniqa from aniqadreams, Lottie from lottielamour, Dani from spikedblacktee & Mica from micaday.


The amazing scents that you can smell as soon as you walk into the store in incredible, it’s like you’re walking through heaven but with lots of different options for you, almost all of their products are vegan apart from 2 if I remember correctly. Their saying #perfumeispersonal really did make me think different about perfume, learning that things can smell differently on everyone’s skin. For example I tried B Scent and it smelt completely different to the way it did on my husbands skin, and I think that made me see perfume in a completely different light.

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