So my skin has been going through the mill over the last few weeks, with the weather been constantly changing (it cannot make it’s mind up whether it is warm or cold) and with a hectic week and constant migraines, it has been a nightmare. I’ve had so many breakouts it’s ridiculous, but do you know what, this serum has really helped me.

With the serum it has really really helped with my skin drying out, it has helped my skin feel softer, helped to clear my pores, I have found that other serums can clog pores and bring me out in lots of spots, which has to be one of the most annoying things in the world.
As everyone knows I am testing out Oz Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum, and honestly it’s been fabulous!
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After the fabulous Bloggers Hub twitter party, I honestly was so excited when I received some fabulous gifts from Sebamed UK. I was so excited because I had read up on the company before hand, and they got awarded the leaping bunny for cruelty free certification, because in my opinion it is something that should be promoted through every company, animals are just as important as humans.


The 3 fabulous minis that I received was moisturising body lotion, everyday shampoo and body and facial wash. Now I’m going to go through each product separately.


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Lush Perspective Lipsticktumblr_nmfs20N4eS1ts7vmko1_1280

So my lips are majorly chapped in this picture so I do apologise, for the rubbish picture, however this is what the colour of my lips before I put my lipstick on.


This was after I put my lipstick on (yes my lips are quite chapped still) but honestly it’s the most comfortable colour and not only that it does some fabulous conditioning on your lips. This one is called perspective at Lush, and honestly it is the most amazing lipstick I’ve ever had. If you’re interested in buying it here is the link

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