Do you fancy sponsoring thecurvaceousvegan Amie Cadwallader? There are a few ways of sponsoring me, these involve reviews/giveaways and sponsored posts.

What do you get from me? 


  • Last month (March 2015) I got 1,142 views
  • 450 followers on Twitter
  • 388 followers on Instagram
  • 34,300+ followers on Tumblr
  • 62 likes on Facebook with a post reach of 749 (since 23rd March 2015)
  • 4987 views on Google+

These are all places where posts on my blog are shared to.

media pack coming soon.


I am more than happy to review products for your business/company and host giveaways if that is what you are interested in, but please be aware that I am very honest about products as it is important not only to my readers, but myself to be open about what I felt. If you are interested in doing this, please email me at amiecadwallader@outlook.com.

sponsored posts

I am always interested in sponsored posts, if there is a lot of interest I will do staggered posts and make sure that your post is linked onto my blog and it continues to be seen. I write all sponsored posts myself, if there is something that has already been written I will not be publishing it, it is important for my blog to be in my own words.

Sponsored posts are indicated with a *


When it comes to gifts or sponsors, it will be brands that I would like to use myself and what I believe my readers would be interested in too. When I do post gifted products I will always refer to them as a gift from the company and make sure it is clear that the post has been sponsored. If I work with a brand I make sure it is in line with the Unfair Trading Act 2008 and IAB Guidelines

full media

I have my first page of my Media Kit is there, but for the full page, please email me at amiecadwallader@outlook.com

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