The Pressure To Spend At Christmas

Christmas is one of my favourite times of year, the decorations, the Christmas spirit, the spending time with the family, even some of the Christmas adverts. However with Christmas slowly approaching (how is it the 1st December on Friday?!) everyone is preparing to spend. We’ve just had Black Friday and there were some amazing deals if you had a chance to get them, but even still with the good deals it can be an incredibly expensive time of year. 

Raspberry And Coconut Banana Bread

I adore banana bread more than words can ever say, I mean in my household my husband would probably eat the entire banana bread because he loves it that much, so this one is a whole new recipe from my old recipe. The reason it is different is because 1 I had 0 baking powder in the house and 2, I was using left over ingredients to see if I could make it work. It worked, and turned out yummier than ever. So if you’re a lover of banana bread, you like a super easy recipe, then this is the…

The New Range Of Must Haves From Superdrug*

I adore skincare and it is such an important part of my day and I always try to find time for skincare, once in the morning and once in the evening. Now I got a fabulous parcel from Superdrug with some of their new collection of face masks and skincare range for stressed skin. I always speak so highly of Superdrug’s amazing skincare ranges because not only are they vegan friendly, but they’re also cruelty free, it’s a win win situation! So are you ready to find out more these ranges? Lets go!

You’re Having A Bad Day, It’s Okay

It’s 6:30, it’s a Tuesday morning as I’m writing this, I have so much to do today, and already I have realised today is a complete write off. I had some plans for things to do today, I had blog posts to write, a recipe to perfect, a list of things a mile long to do, and honestly is there nothing that is going to make it all get done today. I literally sat in bed, watched the ceiling, wondering if it was slowly going to fall in on me. It didn’t happen but you know, swings and roundabouts.

West Barn Co – The Brand You Need To Know*

Now we all know I love a good beauty brand, whether and when I found out about this brand new brand I was in my element, not only are they vegan friendly, but they’re cruelty free! Introducing the incredible West Barn Co. Now we are in that time of year where we need to try to keep our make up on as much as possible, have an easy go to product range right? Well when I saw these 2 gorgeous setting sprays, a primer and soap brows in the box I thought, wow, my make up is going to look…

10 Things Social Media Has Taught Me

Social media has definitely taught me a hell of a lot, through blogging, my friends on social media and just in general but it is has definitely been a learning curve. Now social media is such an incredible outlet, I also love social media because I have found so many amazing bloggers who continue to inspire me on a regular basis, but it has also taught me so much about the person that I am and how to use it as an incredible outlet for myself.

Easy Triple Chocolate Vegan Brownie Recipe

We all know that I’m a sucker for a sweet treat, and I think we all need a delicious sweet treat in our life and it’s getting to that time of year where I love to bake the most, especially with Christmas slowly approaching, and for my American friends Thanksgiving! So I have a super easy vegan triple chocolate brownie recipe for you guys so you can have the yummiest recipe ever, and it doesn’t take long to prepare! It’s a win win situation right? The only thing I can’t do though is the washing up…