Give The Gift Of Jewellery With Buckley London*

Christmas is coming, and it’s time to get ready because Santa is literally going to be coming down the chimney soon. Now we are finally in about mid November I feel like people are starting to think about what they’re going to buy people, if you’re like me, I’ve been shopping for months to spread those costs. However, if you’re looking for ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s be honest, jewellery is normally a good route to go down, and this year Buckley London have gone own a very different route for their gifts! A bauble!

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The Must Have Underwear For Chaffing*

As someone who is plus size, chaffing is literally the most painful thing ever, especially in the summer! I really struggle with chaffing, and anyone who struggle with it will know the pain of trying to walk while your legs are rubbing. I’ve tried so many different things over the years and they haven’t really worked to be honest, they don’t last long , or after a while it starts to hurt again. In come Chaffree who have made this super comfortable underwear! So are you ready to find out more? Let’s go!

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Chatty Feet – The Cutest Socks Ever!*

I have a slight obsession with socks, I honestly can’t get enough, I genuinely have boxes filled with them and I’m not just on about plain black or white socks I mean cute animals on them, minions, you name it I’ve got them on socks. Socks are everything and when Chatty Feet contacted me I literally jumped at the chance because I love the socks more than anything! Chatty Feet are a new brand to me and honestly I have fallen in love with their brand in so many ways. So are you ready to find out more? Of course you are! Let’s go!

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Stay Stylish This Winter With Lovedrobe*

Winter can be a difficult time to stay fashionable, especially for me because I just want to hide away in my huge chunky knits & layered up in coats and scarves, but this year Lovedrobe have made it so easy to stay warm yet stylish at the same time. I’ve received some amazing pieces from them so are you ready to find out more? Of course you are! Let’s go!

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TLC Sport Leggings Of Dreams

TLC Sport Tummy Control Leggings

I love workout gear, I mean you can never have too much, there is always so much of a range at least I have found for me, and they’re always super cute. However you can’t beat a classic black legging. Soz. When I work out, I like to make sure my body is completely supported, but I don’t want it ridiculously tight because that defeats the object of my workout gear. I hate feeling my body jiggle about like jelly it makes me feel really uncomfortable even though I am learning to love my body in a variety of different ways!

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Styling Tips For A Wedding Outfit*

Styling Tips For A Wedding Outfit

Oh it’s that time of year again, which means it is wedding season! People are trying to look for outfits that are suitable for the UK’s changeable weather, but also make sure that it’s comfortable! I have t admit though finding an outfit for a wedding is literally like trying to find a unicorn, it literally feels like you’re never going to find anything. However I am hear to set your mind at rest, because guess what, I’ve found that unicorn, and oh my gosh it is beautiful.

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George At Asda #PostPartyDress *


I cannot believe that in 2 days we will be getting ready to see in the New Year, I mean honestly this year has flown by so quickly I am shocked. So everyone will have a wide variety of things that they are doing this year, people will go out partying, spend time with friends and family, even possibly go to a firework display! Have you thought about what you might want to wear to a bumper new years party? Well I’ve teamed up with George @ Asda to take one very beautiful outfit from day to night. 

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