Rombouts Filter Range*

Coffee is always needed, especially when it comes to waking up the morning! I always loved filter coffee, I mean it tastes absolutely amazing but one of the downfalls of having filter coffee is that it can be quite expensive, but this one is completely different!

The good thing about this coffee is it comes in 4 different types, so there is literally something for every coffee lover. The best bit, if you’re a lover of strong coffee then there are some amazingly strong and delicious choices here! Not only that you can get a perfect cup every time! Are you ready to find out about this legendary coffee?

Original is still quite a strong coffee however, it is still quite mild in comparisons to the other ones. The thing that I loved about the original coffee was that it was the perfect blend, that it wasn’t too strong so if you were just starting out with filter coffee this would be the perfect place to start!

Now I found the Colombian roast a little bit stronger than the first one, which is is in terms of rating, however, I thought it had a completely different flavour to it. It had that strong and delicious coffee taste but had those amazing sweet notes in it too which made is such a perfect cup of coffee for me! My mother in law absolutely adored this one!

I have found previously with some decaf coffee filters it to be a bit of a let down in terms of taste, however, this one was a total game changer! I thought it tasted a lot like the original coffee just with out the caffeine. This is the way decaf coffee is supposed to be people, it was the most perfect blend I have ever tried!

When I went to Italy I had the best time trying some of the most wonderful coffee, and when I tried this filter, I felt like I was transported back there. I love strong and intense coffee, and I think this is one of the strongest yet nicest filter coffees I’ve tried!

Overall Thoughts? 

This coffee is so worth the money, it is £2.69 for 10 filter coffees in a box, which personally for the fantastic quality of coffee you get and also the way it tastes I think it is 100% worth it in every way!

Fancy trying this absolutely delicious coffee? Click here – it’s worth it!

Love Amie 2016

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*Disclaimer – this was a sponsored post!

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