Battle Of The Highlighters

I adore a good highlighter I mean it is absolutely love them, but as most make up lover will know, you have those all time favourites that you never want to run out of, well I have 4 of the best staples of my highlighter collection. Being vegan and cruelty free there are so many options out there to give you the most perfect and healthy glow! So are you ready to see more about these gorgeous highlighters? Well of course you are!

18 Thoughts When Life Doesn’t Go To Plan

Life doesn’t always go to plan does it, I wish it did, but let’s be honest it doesn’t! Karma always ends up having another plan for me, but do you know what it’s about embracing all the changes, lately though even though I don’t really understand it too much I’m trying to make it work in my favour. On those days though what are some of the thoughts that go through my mind and how do I deal with it?

My Favourite Apps With The Great App Map Of …

Now I’m the kind of person that is addicted to my phone, I love to make sure I have all of my favourite apps at a touch of a button. Since having a new phone though it makes me appreciate how much effort it is to put everything back on my phone the way it was. However it has made me consolidate the apps that I do have. So what are my top used apps that you if you don’t have already need on your phone?

Competition And Kindness In The Blogging World

The blogging world is incredibly competitive, we are all so talented and have so many incredible strengths and talents it’s an incredible industry to be part of. Not only that I feel like it is one of the best communities to be part of. Anyway I have kind of digressed a little bit. With there being more fabulous and incredible opportunities more and more people are coming into the blogging world and that is one of the most wonderful things ever, with that I see that sometimes depending on the situation there can be a bit of competitiveness to get…

20 Amazing Free Things You Can Do This Weekend

Ah the weekend is almost upon us, and I finally feel like plans can be made, and we can look forward to having a lay in and have time away from work. I’m beyond excited because there is nothing I love more than making plans with the people that I love, but sometimes we don’t always have lots of money to spend. So what can we do that doesn’t cost a lot of money but you’re still able to have fun together?

Gosh BB Cream Review

The weather has been so hot, and on those days if you want just a little bit of coverage. The last thing we all really need is make up melting off our faces, so I wanted to invest in a BB cream, I’ve been looking for a fabulous one for a while, and one that doesn’t make me look orange, and I feel like I have found it to be honest! Are you ready to find out everything about this wonderful BB cream that will go perfectly on your skin? Enjoy!

Why Is Instagram So Difficult?

Oh the struggle is real, any blogger who has Instagram will know how difficult it can be. There has been so much chat about Instagram lately, whether it is Instagram Pods, the use of bots and the algorithm, it’s becoming even harder for people to grow and basically for anyone to see the posts you actually post. I am getting to the point where I’m having to search for my favourites just see their posts, but end up seeing posts from about 2 weeks ago. It’s like Instagram is stuck in time and it forgets that it’s not about 2…