The Brow Gel Of Dreams From Eye Of Horus*

Brow products are everywhere right now, and finding a product that works for you is honestly the best feeling in the world, and I honestly feel I have found one that works so well for me. I love a good brow powder, however sometimes I think maybe a brow gel would be a nice change? I have quite bushy brows so it is mainly about filling in and creating a good shape, that is basically it. Eye Of Horus is a new brand for me and one that I am definitely looking at trying more from, so are you ready…

The Perfect Box Sets For Sunday

Sunday’s were definitely made for doing blog work and chilling with box set’s right? I mean it’s a must right? I love a good box set, I mean it is the perfect way to end the weekend off. Sometimes binge watching some good programmes, chilling out with some snacks is literally just the perfect Sunday. So what are my favourite box sets for Sunday to just chill out and watch?

20 Thoughts We All Have On A Friday

Oh Friday is the day of the week that pretty much everyone looks forward to! There aren’t enough days in a weekend let’s be honest, weekends should be longer. The only day that is better than Friday is waking up in the morning on a Saturday without an alarm and waking up late. It is honestly the best feeling right? So what are some of the thoughts that we all think when it finally gets to that glorious day that we call Friday?

The Struggle With Blogger Guilt

Lately I have been feeling a hell of a lot of bloggers guilt. My blog means so much to me and I try to work so hard, but lately I’ve got to the point where I feel guilty about a lot of things to do with my blog. A lot of bloggers might recognise this feeling and it is so bloody hard just to fight that feeling, and trying to manage that feeling and channel it into something productive is hard, but I’m definitely working on it.

8 Things I’ve Learned On Becoming The Happiest Verion …

I’ve been talking a lot more about mental health, emotional health and overall wellbeing! I’m doing what makes me happy now and reminding myself that I deserve to be happy too! I notice that sometimes I end up putting everything and everyone before myself and I think that sometimes we need a wake up call and a reminder that we need to do what is best for us. Putting myself first is the first step into becoming the happiest version of me. So what are the things I have learned?

10 Things In Blogging I Can’t Live Without

Blogging is really hard, I mean anyone who says it isn’t is absolutely lying, because it is ridiculously hard. You’re juggling so many different things, but do you know what it is so worth it. There are lots of things that can help you to stay on track, to keep motivated and to just get stuff done. There thing that will annoy me the most about myself is the fact that I can get a bit lazy (someone stole my motivation) and I will say oh I’ll do it tomorrow and it never gets done! What are the must haves?

25 Things Before I’m 25

It’s official. I’m 24 this month. That is almost a quarter of a century. I am 100% unsure about how I feel about being 25 next year, but I wanted to do a really nice list of things that I want to try and do before I turn 25 next year. Now that I have just over a year to go, there are a few things that I want to do before I turn the big 25, but what are they?