Why Self Care Isn’t Selfish & A Check List

When it comes to self-care, I’m a bit slow on the up take to say the least. I’m the kind of person that will always try to make sure people look after themselves, but when it comes to myself, I get a bit lazy & think I’m being selfish. In reality it is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. A lot of the time we are mega busy, we all live fast paced lives, and it doesn’t seem to end, especially when we spend so much time on social media (or at least I do!)…

August Beauty Favourites

I can’t believe that August is almost over with, the fact that we are getting closer and closer to Autumn actually makes me quite excited, especially because it is my favourite season of the year. Sorry summer lovers, I love the colder air and the leaves changing colour. It is literally the best thing in the world. So want to know more about what is in my monthly favourites? Grab a cuppa and let’s go!

How Blogging Gave Me The Confidence To Embrace Myself

Blogging has done so much for me in so many ways, it has opened new doors, heled me to become this strong warrior person that I genuinely never thought I was, and not only that helped me to understand myself. That might sound really strange because surely after almost 24 years I would be able to know who I am and what I am capable of, alas that was not the case with me, I was still trying to figure that out. Oops.

Superdrug Treat Me Body Butters & Sorbets*

Moisturising your skin is one of the most important things, especially because I like to have super soft skin all year around! Superdrug have literally been killing it with their vegan beauty range and honestly it is like a one stop shop for all the amazing vegan and cruelty free products. This is their newest addition to their collections, these amazing sorbet’s and body butters, now I moisturise my skin all the time and I’m always very careful with what I use because of my eczema, so how did I get on with these?

Organic Young Range By Green People & A Giveaway*

I’ve loved Green People for as long as I can remember! I’ve been using their products religiously since I made the transition to vegan, they have always done some seriously amazing products, that are superb quality, and their rebranded range of Organic Young definitely does not disappoint. I have seriously spot prone skin, I wish I didn’t but I do and finding products that work for my spotty skin is incredibly important so are you ready to find out more?

My Biggest Blogging Pet Peeves

Blogging can be really hard, it is not an easy thing and I’ve never claimed it was easy, and there are so many ways of going about blogging. We all do what works best for us, however there are some things that really do grind my gears, I’m not saying there is a right or wrong way of blogging, however there are a few things that really annoy me that do just take the biscuit. A lot of you will probably recognise these and relate to them, so are you ready?

The Yummiest Vegan Menu At 81 Beach Street*

It is getting easier and easier for vegan’s to eat out and find restaurants that have full vegan menu’s, it is actually the best feeling knowing  that when you go to a restaurant they have a vegan menu that doesn’t consist of a salad. Honestly it is beyond refreshing! Last weekend I got to try the amazing 81 Beach Street in deal and as soon as I walked in I was beyond happy, it was relaxed, calm and I felt right at home. Are you ready to find out more about the food & have serious food cravings?