Superdrug B. Pod Masks – Your New Go To Face Masks?*

Face masks are the ultimate way to just chill out and relax, it’s the ultimate way to just relax, so today I’m going to be talking about the new face mask launches that are in Superdrug right now. Something I vowed to myself this year was to make sure that I would keep up with my skincare routine, and finding the perfect face mask is like finding the holy grail of skincare! There are 4 different types of mask in the collection & and I’m gonna explain why you need them in your life.

January 2018 Beauty Must Haves

After what feels like the longest January ever, we made it to February intact and possibly cold. I’m slightly late when it comes to posting this because I’ve been planning what I actually want to put in this, mainly because there was so much I wanted to put in it and didn’t. These are my top 6 products from January that I’ve fallen in love with all over again or have found during January and wanted to share with you guys. So are you ready to find out the products you need this month? Grab a cuppa and let’s go!

The Pretzel Bites Of Dreams From Indie Bay Snacks*

I’m all about that snack life, I mean life without snacks, just doesn’t seem like the life for me. So finding snacks that I can take on the go, especially if I am travelling or just going out and about is so important. However when it comes to my snacks, I want to make sure that it is something that I can really enjoy, introducing Pretzel Bites from Indie Bay Snacks! I’ve only in the last few years really started liking pretzels, so when I was offered to try these snacks, I was definitely excited!

Why I Will Never Be A Girl Boss

This post has been in my drafts for about a year, and I haven’t bothered to publish it. I’m completely unsure why, but I feel like now it is February, the “Girl Boss” term seems to be going around more and more, so I thought post it now! Now the term #GirlBoss has been floating around for a few years, if you’ve done something amazing Girl Boss tends to be the phrase people will use like they’re winning at life. We all juggle quite a lot to be honest and this whole adulting stuff is difficult to be honest.

A Pacifica Haul With The Ethical Superstore*

Online shopping is the absolute best isn’t it? I mean we are all guilty of it, however now the long month of January is almost over, I think we deserve to treat ourselves don’t we? Introducing your one stop shop – The Ethical Superstore. The Ethical Superstore does a variety of products from fashion, beauty, home and groceries, it’s a win win situation! Not everything is vegan friendly however everything is clearly labelled, but I have an amazing selection of vegan goodies to share with you, so are you ready to find out more? Of course you are! Let’s go!

My Love Hate Relationship With The Internet

Now we all know that I’m an internet addict, but being a blogger you’d expect me to love it right? Well, I won’t hide it, I have a love hate relationship with the internet. It can do such amazing things for us, we can get amazing deals on our favourite things at just a touch of a button, we can talk to family on the other side of the globe, it’s an amazing invention. But there are downsides to it. Not everything on the internet is peachy keen jelly bean.

The Light Lunch Of Dreams With Bella Italia*

Being vegan, people think oh eating out is really difficult, I mean it has it’s challenges sure, but nothing makes me happier than when I see clear vegan option on a menu. There is a beautiful hallelujah chorus that goes off in my head. Anyway Bella Italia has such an extensive vegan range already, however now their new menu Less is Amore, there are few amazing vegan additions, two of which I have tried and tested for you.