Firstly you need to familiarise yourself with all kinds of ingredients that you’e going to use like tofo and tempeh, there are so many recipes out there if you just look!

If you’re 100% certain about becoming vegan then it is important that your kitchen changes too, so make sure that you have your cupboard and fridge filled with vegan food so that if it is late at night and you’re hungry you can fulfil those temptations, and stick to your vegan lifestyle. Things like fruit or even granola is a brilliant snack that you can eat at any time of the day!

If you think you can completely stick to being vegan overnight, then go for it, but sometimes, it is better to give it a few weeks, start of with a vegan breakfast, then vegan lunch and then vegan dinner, so you can get used to it and you’re sure this is 100% what you want!

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This is something that I struggle with day in and day out, simply because I have combination skin, so I thought what would be a really good idea is to go through a variety of tips to help with your skin to clear your skin and feel fabulous!

  1. Remember your suntan lotion – I know what you’re going to say, yes I will do it, you take it with you on holiday, yet you end up forgetting to put it on. However at least 90% of wrinkles come from exposure to the sun without any sunscreen on, this is why it is so important to protect your skin. Please don’t forget that you’re still going to need to wear your sunscreen during the winter months, just because you’re not sitting out in the sunshine during the day doesn’t mean that the skin is safe, the sun rays during the winter months are just as strong. When you’re looking for the right sunscreen check to make sure that it covers everything like UVA and UVB  rays. If you’re unsure, speak to your pharmacist about finding the right sun screen for you.
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Jeans can be a pain to find, I know for me I have a huge difficulty trying to find jeans, I have wide hips, a big bum and my legs have got a lot smaller than they were, and finding jeans can be difficult, however, I decided I would go through different types of jeans and finding something that everyone can wear and absolutely love.

1. 1

Now if you’re not too confident with the whole 70s vibe and flares from the catwalk, these are a really subtle and comfortable alternative for you. Remember you can rock any outfit you want because you’re going to look absolutely fabulous. These are in a darker denim which is fabulous, you always need a darker pair of jeans just in case! Link to jeans here.

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For anyone who has seen someone go through dementia or knows anyone who has witnessed it, they will know what a horrible and cruel disease it is and what it can cause, which is why it is important to raise awareness for it, however, the comments that Katie Hopkins mad were absolutely disgraceful.

Anyone how has ever watched This Morning on ITV, or watched her on Celebrity Big Brother will know what a motormouth Katie Hopkins can be. This is the woman who judges children on their names, and a lot to do with people choosing names of places  for their children, but this is the woman who named her child India.

This time she has really gone and outdone herself by making comments about dementia sufferers like:


People who suffer from dementia can die from this, it’s not something to be even joking about, it’s a serious illness. In this world there are 850,000 people who live with dementia, and for someone to say it as if they were no longer living is disgusting. To watch someone you love, a person who you have memories with not be the person they were a few years ago, not remember the same things you do.

Symptoms of dementia can include things like:

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Lush Perspective Lipsticktumblr_nmfs20N4eS1ts7vmko1_1280

So my lips are majorly chapped in this picture so I do apologise, for the rubbish picture, however this is what the colour of my lips before I put my lipstick on.


This was after I put my lipstick on (yes my lips are quite chapped still) but honestly it’s the most comfortable colour and not only that it does some fabulous conditioning on your lips. This one is called perspective at Lush, and honestly it is the most amazing lipstick I’ve ever had. If you’re interested in buying it here is the link

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