Do you fancy sponsoring thecurvaceousvegan Amie Cadwallader? There are a few ways of sponsoring me, these involve reviews/giveaways and sponsored posts.

Check out my media kit below to see all of my info like statistics and if you need any more information just email me at or fill out the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible


I am more than happy to review products for your business/company and host giveaways if that is what you are interested in, but please be aware that I am very honest about products as it is important not only to my readers, but myself to be open about what I felt. If you are interested in doing this, please email me at

sponsored posts

I am always interested in sponsored posts, if there is a lot of interest I will do staggered posts and make sure that your post is linked onto my blog and it continues to be seen. I write all sponsored posts myself, if there is something that has already been written I will not be publishing it, it is important for my blog to be in my own words.


When it comes to gifts or sponsors, it will be brands that I would like to use myself and what I believe my readers would be interested in too. When I do post gifted products I will always refer to them as a gift from the company and make sure it is clear that the post has been sponsored. If I work with a brand I make sure it is in line with the Unfair Trading Act 2008 and IAB Guidelines

I do try to make sure that the clothes I put on here are vegan materials, and I also do look into the dyes where possible, but if you find something that is non vegan on my blog please email me and I will remove it as soon as physically possible.

full media kit

I do have a media kit available and if you would like to collaborate please email me at

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