The Light Lunch Of Dreams With Bella Italia*

Being vegan, people think oh eating out is really difficult, I mean it has it’s challenges sure, but nothing makes me happier than when I see clear vegan option on a menu. There is a beautiful hallelujah chorus that goes off in my head. Anyway Bella Italia has such an extensive vegan range already, however now their new menu Less is Amore, there are few amazing vegan additions, two of which I have tried and tested for you.

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The Yummiest Vegan Menu At 81 Beach Street*

It is getting easier and easier for vegan’s to eat out and find restaurants that have full vegan menu’s, it is actually the best feeling knowing  that when you go to a restaurant they have a vegan menu that doesn’t consist of a salad. Honestly it is beyond refreshing! Last weekend I got to try the amazing 81 Beach Street in deal and as soon as I walked in I was beyond happy, it was relaxed, calm and I felt right at home. Are you ready to find out more about the food & have serious food cravings?

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Manna Restaurant Primrose Hill London Review

Friendly Meetings

This weekend I finally got to meet one of my close friends who I have been speaking to for ages, she is a fellow vegan and she is an absolute sweetheart. Sarah is one of the most kind and caring people ever, and I was so excited to go for lunch with her and have a big catch up at the same time.

Manna Munchies

If you’ve never heard of Manna they’re a vegan gourmet restaurant which has such a wide variety of food, I was literally over the moon and in love with everything. The fabulous thing about Manna was that I didn’t have to worry about what I was going to eat, whether or not what I was eating would be vegan or if there were things that I needed to avoid. I was in absolute vegan heaven!



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The Living Cafe, Maidstone

So on the 11th June I went out for lunch with my Mum, and as most people know how difficult it is for a vegan to go out and eat something, but at The Living Cafe they were so helpful, I spoke to this lovely lady serving us and said I was a vegan and I wondered if they had any options for me. They had a fabulous tomato and basil soup which smelt absolutely beautiful, the tomatoes smelt like they had been roasted.

The fabulous lady who was serving us came out and the cook said that if there was anything on the list that I would like she would put it together for me so that I could eat it, I was shocked when she said that and absolutely over the moon. I chose this:


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