As most of you will know, I’m a little bit of a fitness fanatic, and when I say that I mean I absolutely adore it, and one of my favourite things is having gorgeous workout clothes to make me feel incredible while I workout. You can never have too many and I’m always on the lookout for clothes that are value for money, but are also worth the money that you pay. I for one know that a lot of people cannot afford to spend a lot of money on workout clothes, and Matalan have just bought out one of the most beautiful ranges I’ve seen. There is a lot of choice too which can sometimes be the most difficult thing ever when it comes to finding workout clothes.

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I cannot believe that in 2 days we will be getting ready to see in the New Year, I mean honestly this year has flown by so quickly I am shocked. So everyone will have a wide variety of things that they are doing this year, people will go out partying, spend time with friends and family, even possibly go to a firework display! Have you thought about what you might want to wear to a bumper new years party? Well I’ve teamed up with George @ Asda to take one very beautiful outfit from day to night. 

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When it comes to bra’s they’re literally a girls best friend, or the biggest pain in the backside going, what I mean by that is, trying to find the one when it comes to a bra can be incredibly difficult. When you find that perfect bra that fits you perfectly, is incredibly comfortable or it’s your dream bra that you’ve spent a lot of money on you never want to let it go, I know that is exactly what I am like!

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Autumn Winter 2015

Florals are continuing on for Autumn Winter 2015, and that means that those pops of floral colours in your wardrobe can be carried over to the new season which is biting at our heels. So what are my top picks for winter florals? Well now you’ve said it, are your ready?


So Fabulous 2 – in – 1 Print Midi Dress

I think this dress is absolutely beautiful, it is so classy and elegant and if you are looking for something smart to wear to work, or to wear to a function where you have to be dressed smartly then this is the fabulous 2 – in – 1 dress for you! The wonderful thing about this dress is the fact that the florals aren’t too over the top!


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It’s Not Far Away

Thinking about it, Autumn isn’t that far away (I’m sorry!) so I think it’s about that time of year to get ready for the new season and to look at some fabulous items that are out there that you need in your wardrobe right now!

This fabulous top is from George @ Asda, it keeps you quite warm and very cool which is something that I love about it, it is quite cold in the mornings at the moment but it is still warm during the day, so personally I think it is the perfect!

What is the top like?

It is incredible quality when you first see it you don’t think it is going to be as soft as it seems, but honestly it is so lovely and comfy, there is quite a lot of stretch in the back of the top, with the front being quite rigid, but it is beautiful, the design is amazing, but you don’t feel like it is pulling on your body, because it is rigid.

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Summer please stay

Summer is still in full swing, even if we are still have spots of rain, and with everyone planning on getting away for their late summer holidays, I have been in search of some fabulous vegan flipflops which you will be able to wear your entire holiday!


Knee High Lace Up Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals are everywhere right now, they’re the must have for the summer, and these ones are absolutely amazing. You can change the lace ups depending on the occasion, so maybe if you were going to the beach you would wear the black ones, and if you were going on a night out, choose a brighter colour! There are endless possibilities!

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With everyone looking forward to the summer weather and wanting to jet off to warmer climates, we’re all getting our holiday shopping done, and recently there has been some fabulous pieces out there right now which you can add to your outfits.

Roses have been all over the catwalk, with Dolce and Gabbana using roses as incredible accessories, everything from bold floral motifs and gold headbands, they’re the perfect for the fabulous sunshine. They remind me so much of Spain and flamenco dancers! So where can you find some of these beautiful hair pieces?


I thought this was so cute, I absolutely adore the colours, the way it stands out, the beautiful colours that make it looks so expensive, but not only that it isn’t too much, it is perfect for if you want to make a statement.

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