Being vegan I am obsessed with trying to buy fresh fruit and vegetables and I also try to buy organic where possible, I personal notice as massive difference to be totally honest, especially in the taste! I think there are a lot of presumptions that are made about buying organic food, and also it can be so difficult but thinking about trying organic food? Then there are some amazing tips which I have for you to help you buy the best organic food that tastes absolutely amazing! 

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Yokebe Active Food

Disclaimer (January 2017) – I have been notified that this isn’t vegan as to my knowledge it was when I received it, sincere apologies.

Fitness is a huge part of my life, I can’t deny it, and with my weight loss, it is incredibly important to have the right nutrition too. I work out really hard, yoga, elliptical, cycling, you name it, I love to do it, so making sure I get the right vitamins and minerals to get me through my day and to make sure I’m not missing out on anything. Yokebe is a brand which I have never heard of before, however I was ridiculously excited t try it, are you ready to find out more about how I got on with this protein shake? Let’s go!

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When I first went vegan, Fry’s was some of the first products I actually tried, so I have a huge amount of love for the products that they do. You might have never seen Fry’s in stores, however they have a wide variety of different products available for you to try and they’re very budget friendly! When the nuggets that Fry’s made previously I absolutely adored them, they tasted delicious and I couldn’t get enough of them, now onto the delicious new nuggets that they have! 

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Healthy Love

As most people will know, I am a very healthy person, I am obsessed with healthy living and finding healthy snacks are so important to me and with Graze I have found that they do some of the most incredible vegan snacks, there is so much that t hey have to offer and it is important that if you are vegan you edit your preferences!

The Snacks


When I opened my box of beautiful goodies, I was literally over the moon, where I workout so much I like to make sure I am getting enough protein and I love having seeds and nuts because they’re ridiculously high in protein &  they taste soooo good.

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So I’m basically a book nerd, and my husband bought me a kindle because between us we have no more room to put any more books which is exactly why I now have a kindle, oh I can see my phone and my hand there.

So what is the plot? 

This book is based on a woman called Judy who ends up having a one night stand with someone who and getting caught pregnant. She has a tough time with trying to figure out how to manage her life being pregnant and isn’t liking the fact she is wearing her pregnancy clothes. Unfortunately the father is long gone, and while she is living her life, she finds the most perfect guy called Rob, he is the guy of her dreams, things can sometimes go from bad to worse.

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All of us girls know how important it is to find the right bra, you know what happens, you walk in the store, you find these fabulous bras, you think this one should fit, take it home to find that it doesn’t fit, it’s either too tight, too big, not offering the right support, and it can just be annoying right? Well that stops officially, now.

How to start your search for the right bra? 

Firstly you need to look at your outfits, what sort of bra do you need, what works the best, what colours work better. Think of it this way, if you’re putting a swimming pool in your garden, you don’t start sorting the water out before you’ve built it do you? Precisely.

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