To Those Who Are Struggling,

When someone asks me to describe depression it’s easier to use a metaphor. To Stephen Fry, depression is a black dog which follows him from room to room. To me, it’s a dark, storm cloud looming overhead, just waiting to strike. It hails, it pours, it thunders and will do anything to blow you down. Anyone who has been plagued by depression – or anxiety for that matter – knows how inconsolable, how alone and empty you can become.
But you’re not alone. As I am writing this I’m going through one of the worst stages of my life. It’s ridiculous that the stigma and stereotype of my illness has forced me to become incredibly self conscious, embarrassed even, to say that I suffer from depression. There I said it. I suffer from depression. To add, I also have severe social anxiety. In fact, for the full blown confession, I am housebound. I don’t leave the house apart from the odd GP appointment or shopping trip. For someone who used to work in the media, for someone who was lively, confident and outgoing, it feels like I’ve been replaced by my polar opposite. This illness has taken chunks out of me, it’s taken parts of my personality that I’m so desperate to reclaim.
Its like I’m a prisoner of my own mind (does that even make sense?) Everyday I’m battling through, trying to keep my head above water. Yes, I do sound like a lost cause, but every day I’m getting there. I’m slowly getting better. I just want you to know that, if you’re struggling too, this is not it for you. This is just a rocky time, a blip, a hiccup, whatever you want to call it – but you will get through it, I promise.

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The right kind of fitness for you

Hello everyone! This is my first guest post ever and I am excited that Amie shares it with you!

When it comes to fitness, a lot of people have their own opinions on what you should do and what you shouldn’t do. Lately, some friends told me: “To get fit, go to the gym or buy some weights and do weight training mixed with cardio. Leave out those stupid fitness courses where you dance around the room.” A very strong opinion on what is right and what is wrong fitness-wise, isn’t it? And a rather stupid one as well. How can somebody else decide for me whether I visit a fitness course or sports club – or if I lift weights and run?

They can’t. Simple as that.



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