Firstly you need to familiarise yourself with all kinds of ingredients that you’e going to use like tofo and tempeh, there are so many recipes out there if you just look!

If you’re 100% certain about becoming vegan then it is important that your kitchen changes too, so make sure that you have your cupboard and fridge filled with vegan food so that if it is late at night and you’re hungry you can fulfil those temptations, and stick to your vegan lifestyle. Things like fruit or even granola is a brilliant snack that you can eat at any time of the day!

If you think you can completely stick to being vegan overnight, then go for it, but sometimes, it is better to give it a few weeks, start of with a vegan breakfast, then vegan lunch and then vegan dinner, so you can get used to it and you’re sure this is 100% what you want!

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