Do I Fit In In The Blogging Community?

Lately I think the blogging world has been surrounded by so much negativity, it’s not been a place that I felt like it has been previously. It is so sad that this is what it is currently like but I have hope that one day it will get back to where it used to me. The place that used to inspire me, to motivate me, to make me smile, a place where I felt like it was my second family. Currently I am genuinely trying to figure out where I fit in in the blogging world or if I even do anymore.

Due to my mental health, I’ve honestly been struggling so much, it’s not been a good place for me in all honesty and so many amazing people have always been there for me, however there are some people that I thought that were my friends that I have completely distanced myself from.

The reason I say this about not fitting in is because I completely wonder whether or not this place is for me anymore. I adore blogging more than anything and it is one of my favourite outlets, however, from now on I think I am definitely going to be focusing on my work and the people who are my true friends.

I’ve been working really hard on my content, on my photos and just trying to project who I am as a person on my blog.

Blogging is really hard, there are so many amazing people in the blogging community who are really fantastic humans, and those people make the journey a lot easier and genuinely much happier place to be.

There is definitely no handbook on how to figure out where you fit it in in the blogging world, I think that right now I don’t feel like I do, I feel like I’m floating on a little boat and I genuinely can’t get back to shore, but I’m doing what is best for me and my blog.

Do you ever feel like this? What do you feel about the blogging community right now?

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  1. 28/07/2017 / 10:45 am

    I can totally relate to this. Recently I have been kind of making the mental shift between being a blogger and being a girl with a blog which might sound the same thing but it’s made a huge difference in my head

    • facebook-profile-picture
      30/07/2017 / 6:30 pm

      I think that is something I definitely need to do, I am honestly feeling so out of it! xxxx

  2. 29/07/2017 / 3:27 pm

    Totally relate honey! And also will agree with Charlotte-I wrote a post about taking my blog back and ensuring I remembered the difference between having a blog and being a “blogger”. I think because it’s a fast growing industry we all feel a bit out of the loop sometimes, but if it helps you’ll always be a BIG part of MY blogging community ❤ xx

    • facebook-profile-picture
      30/07/2017 / 6:31 pm

      Awh thank you so much AJ honestly you don’t realise how much that means to me. I just feel lost in the blogging community and not sure where my place is right now! xxxxx

  3. 30/07/2017 / 10:19 pm

    This is really relatable and honest, so thank you for writing it! I’ve been writing for a while, but only recently decided to start blogging and publishing my writing for other people to read, and oh my goodness it is so overwhelming! It is really hard to see exactly how and where we fit in.
    I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having some negative experiences, hopefully things will look better soon!

    • facebook-profile-picture
      31/07/2017 / 1:32 pm

      It is very daunting to start sharing your work, but honestly you’re doing an amazing job! xxxxx

      • 07/08/2017 / 7:56 pm

        Oh thank you, you’re so kind! I hope things have been a bit more positive for you since you shared this? XX

        • facebook-profile-picture

          14/08/2017 / 3:31 pm

          I’m getting there, things will always be up and down, but you roll with it! Thank you lovely! xxx

  4. 31/07/2017 / 8:48 am

    It a tough one, but I see where you’re coming from. I don’t think I’ve ever felt part of the community as such, its always been rather tight knit for me, so I didn’t make any friends or feel like I could somehow.

    So for me the shift, isn’t that big of a deal, I’ve always just felt like a girl with a blog.

    Emily // Emily Atelier

    • facebook-profile-picture
      31/07/2017 / 1:34 pm

      I found it easy to make friends with blog chats, it really helped me to open up more and more but I’m just feeling so out of it! I’m always here if you ever need anything! xxxx

  5. 31/07/2017 / 3:29 pm

    Aww sweetie you know I am always here for you! I’ve learnt to just focus on my blog and how I want it to be and ignore any drama.

    • facebook-profile-picture
      02/08/2017 / 1:56 pm

      Thank you so much lovely, it means a lot, I’m just having a crisis of my own feelings right now! xxxx

  6. 03/08/2017 / 8:01 am

    I totally relate to this too! Personally I think you just need a few blogging friends and that feels pretty amazing!!! 

    • facebook-profile-picture
      06/08/2017 / 12:31 pm

      I totally agree, I think I’m getting there slowly just finding my way!xxx

  7. 03/08/2017 / 10:03 am

    Of course you fit in lovely! Everyone does and you have us girls, blogging can be very fickle and it’s also very negative lately but it always goes through phases like this x

    • facebook-profile-picture
      06/08/2017 / 12:33 pm

      I totally agree, I think with my own mental health it is just so up and down, but I am definitely getting there! xxxx

  8. 04/08/2017 / 4:05 pm

    Oh my darling, the negativity in the blogging world at the moment is just awful isn’t it. I am honestly so sorry to hear you are feeling this way. I hope that you do continue to smash out your AMAZING content, but if you don’t i’ll still be here for ya! I am sending you lots of love as always <3

    • facebook-profile-picture
      06/08/2017 / 12:37 pm

      I love you so much Maisie, you always make me smile so much! xxxx

  9. 06/08/2017 / 3:48 pm

    The blogging community is a weird place, especially on Twitter. I really cannot be doing with all of the drama, so I’ve had to unfollow/mute any negativity. I just want to interact with my close blogging friends and hope I don’t drift from them!! xxx

    Jasmine ||

    • facebook-profile-picture
      14/08/2017 / 3:30 pm

      I totally agree, it has become a strange place but do you know what I’m doing what makes me happy and focusing on the good! xxxx

  10. Vicki Skitt
    13/08/2017 / 10:08 pm

    It was really hard to get back into blogging, I still feel a little iffy trying to fit my little blog back in when so much has happened!
    Love Vicki ♡ victoriajanex

    • facebook-profile-picture
      14/08/2017 / 3:59 pm

      Your blog is absolutely amazing my darling! I’ve genuinely missed you in the blogging world my lovely! xxxx

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