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I can’t believe it is April, honestly this year seems to be going so quickly, but today I am introducing you to another fantastic person who runs the most beautiful blog, introducing the wonderful Emmi! Emmi is a relatively new blogger to me and honestly I am so happy that I got the chance to meet her and read her incredible blog because she is so talented with the way she talks on her blog, the way she is open and honest and not only that she is so genuine with her approach! So are you ready to see her interview? Let’s go!

  1. What was the reason you started your blog/business?

As a journalism student we are all encouraged to write when we can. Ive been blogging on an off under various platforms, names etc since around 2012. I never really found my voice or what I wanted to write about until my final year of univeristy. This was when I started Just Emmi. Its a place for me to share my life and adventures whilst creating a brand and name for myself as a writer.

  1. What have you learned through your blogging/business journey?

Blogging is hard work. Good pictures don’t take themselves and theres countless of posts which will end up never being published. But blogging is also so rewarding. Having people comment on your work telling you they liked it is the best feeling ever.

  1. How would you best describe your blog/business?

My blog is a lifestyle blog, but not like the rest out there. I try to talk about different topics and not just beauty and fashion. Just Emmi is about my life and the things I am going through, in the hope that another 20 something female will relate.

  1. Name something quirky that you can do, that we might not know about you.

Im really good at picking stuff up. Whether it is a new software, an instrument, a dance whatever, you show me once and ive pretty much got it. I used to play the guitar, piano, ukulele and do dance amd drama at school.

  1. What was one of your favourite posts to write or create? What about it did you enjoy the most?

I think my favourite post to write was “why i dont wear make-up” not because I enjoyed writing this post more than any other, but because of the topic I touched upon. It also got a lot of responses from other girls who hate wearing makeup as well. This was en sparked my “Its Ok” series. I want to let other people know that things that they might not like or be good at arent things to be ashammed of and its ok to just do you.

  1. Why should someone come and visit your blog/shop/business?

I try so hard to be different from the mainstream lifestyle blogs out there. I like to put a lot of my own voice into the posts and I hope my personality shines through. With me youre not getting beauty and fashion advice, but real talk on things like moving out, relationships, accepting yourself. Also if youre bored you should check out my blog because there will be a new post up everyday in May!

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